Dominique M. Collet. Willows of Southcentral Alaska. (c) Dominique M. Collet, 2002
Dominique M. Collet

Willows of Southcentral Alaska
110 pp., ill., Kenai Watershed Forum, 2002
© Dominique M. Collet, 2002

Order from:  The Kenai Watershed Forum

Willows of Interior Alaska
112 pp., ill., US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2004

Order from: 
Delia Vargas Person
U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service
Yukon Flats NWR
John DeLapp
U.S.Fish and Wildlife Service
Anchorage Fish and Wildlife Field Office
Habitat Restoration Program

Dominique M. Collet. Willows of Interior Alaska. (c) Dominique M. Collet, 2004