Salix atrocinerea and related willows in eastern Massachusetts

Salix atrocinerea and related willows in eastern Massachusetts
Alexey Zinovjev and Irina Kadis

34 pp., 54 ill., 2009
ISBN 978-0-692-00342-8

The European rusty willow, Salix atrocinerea (S. cinerea ssp. oleifolia) introduced to eastern North America is considered a distinct species. Diagnostic characters separating S. atrocinerea from related willows occurring in eastern Massachusetts are discussed. S. cinerea is present in Massachusetts along with S. atrocinerea, though it is more rare. Naturalization in eastern North America of other European willows from the same section, S. aurita and S. caprea, needs confirmation. A possibility of hybridization between the alien S. atrocinerea and native S. humilis is demonstrated through obtaining hybrid seedlings from S. humilis seeds collected in the Boston area. S. atrocinerea is known to be invasive in some countries outside the United States. In New England, its hybridization with the native willows may create a threat for their existence in addition to displacement.

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