A.K Skvortsov. Willows of Russia and Adjacent Countries

Russian Edition (1968) and English Translation (1999)

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Initial four [pages] (scanned)
Translator's Notes. List of Retained Local Terms. Translator's Acknowledgements. Foreword to the English Translation. Foreword. Acknowledgements [5-13]
Part One: General Overview
Chapter 1 — Willow Systematics in Russia and Adjacent Countries: A Brief Historical Essay [14-25]
Chapter 2 — Material and Methods [26-37]
Chapter 3 — Ecology and Morphology [38-73]
Chapter 4 — Evolution and Phylogeny [74-98]
Part Two: Systematic Overview
Key to Sections. Subgenus Salix [99-122]
Subgenus Chamaetia [123-156]
Subgenus Vetrix [157-254]

Bibliography. Additions to Bibliography [255-271]
Index to Willow Taxa. Willow Species Described since 1966 from the Area Treated in the Book (compiled by the author) [272-279]
Index to Geographical and Local Names (compiled by the translator) [279-306]
Contents [306-307]