Are Willows Really That Difficult for Identification? Slideshow

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A.K. Skvortsov's 90th Anniversary

Since the time Carl Linnaeus spoke about willows, they have been considered a difficult genus both for taxonomic treatment and identification. Linnaeus, however, knew those European willows that he could observe in a natural setting very well. Yet the opinion that willows are extremely tough is widespread up until now.
Alexey Skvortsov showed that not only willows are approachable, but in many cases actually not so difficult, if one knows what to look for. The photo shows him working in the Harvard Herbaria on the Flora of China Project back in 1998.
On February 9, 2010 we celebrated the 90th anniversary of his birth. We dedicated a brief show to his memory.
Alexey Zinovjev, Irina Kadis