Vascular Plants of Wilson Mountain Reservation, Dedham (2020–2023)
As of 9 February 2024, the checklist contains 246 species including 92 non-native (marked *), of which 25 are invasive (marked **). State-listed species are marked "T" (Threatened), "E" (Endangered), "SC" (Special Concern), or "WL" (Watch-Listed) in red font. Plants whose images remain unpublished are included in the list without links. Doubtful identifications are usually excluded. One name originates from an external source.

The Reservation on the whole is nearly pristine—nearly free from invasive and introduced plants, except for the borders (e.g., Cardamine impatiens found immediately outside the southwestern border) and a managed field containing many introduced plants.
Of special interest is a small area in the southern extremity of the Reservation, which we have nicknamed the Hidden Garden. It harbors a number of woody and herbaceous plants introduced as potted material directly from the Appalachians by the owners more than a century ago. A few of them have not been recorded from a natural habitat in Massachusetts until now. At least one of them, buffalo nut, or Pyrularia pubera (photo at right) is now fully naturalized, spreading outside the presumed area of its initial introduction. Find more detail about the Hidden Garden here.


Lycopodiaceae (Clubmoss Family)
Dendrolycopodium obscurum (L.) A.Haines [remove: (L.) A.Haines ] (princess-pine, groundpine, tree clubmoss) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6077: Dendrolycopodium obscurum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6077>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0064cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200115olymp0064cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dendrolycopodium obscurum</i> (L.) A.Haines'}


Dennstaedtiaceae (Hayscented Fern Family)
Dennstaedtia punctilobula (Michx.) T.Moore [remove: (Michx.) T.Moore ] (hayscented fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6013: Dennstaedtia punctilobula>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6013>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1212s'], 'pubimages': ['20230609olymp1212s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dennstaedtia punctilobula</i> (Michx.) T.Moore'}
Pteridium aquilinum var. latiusculum (Desv.) L.Underw. ex A.Heller [remove: (Desv.) L.Underw. ex A.Heller ] (bracken fern) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6014: Pteridium aquilinum var. latiusculum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6014>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1413', '20230820olymp2302'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pteridium aquilinum</i> var. <i>latiusculum</i> (Desv.) L.Underw. ex A.Heller'}
Dryopteridaceae (Wood Fern Family)
Dryopteris carthusiana (Vill.) H.P.Fuchs [remove: (Vill.) H.P.Fuchs ] (spinulose wood fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6027: Dryopteris carthusiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6027>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2297cs'], 'pubimages': ['20230820olymp2297cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dryopteris carthusiana</i> (Vill.) H.P.Fuchs'}
Dryopteris intermedia (Muhl. ex Willd.) A.Gray [remove: (Muhl. ex Willd.) A.Gray ] (intermediate wood fern) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6031: Dryopteris intermedia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6031>, 'images': ['20210112olymp0010', '20210601olymp3211s', '20210601olymp3212s', '20201022olymp5169cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210601olymp3211s', '20210601olymp3212s', '20201022olymp5169cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dryopteris intermedia</i> (Muhl. ex Willd.) A.Gray'}
Polystichum acrostichoides (Michx.) Schott [remove: (Michx.) Schott ] (Christmas fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6040: Polystichum acrostichoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6040>, 'images': ['20200425olymp0424cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200425olymp0424cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polystichum acrostichoides</i> (Michx.) Schott'}
Onocleaceae (Sensitive Fern Family)
Onoclea sensibilis L. [remove: L. ] (sensitive fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6039: Onoclea sensibilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6039>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1475cs'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1475cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Onoclea sensibilis</i> L.'}
Osmundaceae (Flowering Fern Family)
Osmunda regalis ssp. spectabilis (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve [remove: (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve ] (American royal fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6091: Osmunda regalis ssp. spectabilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6091>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1486cs'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1486cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmunda regalis</i> ssp. <i>spectabilis</i> (Willd.) A.Löve & D.Löve'}
Osmundastrum cinnamomeum (L.) C.Presl [remove: (L.) C.Presl ] (cinnamon fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6088: Osmundastrum cinnamomeum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6088>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1385cs', '20230621olymp1386'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1385cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Osmundastrum cinnamomeum</i> (L.) C.Presl'}
Polypodiaceae (Polypody Family)
Polypodium virginianum L. [remove: L. ] (rockcap fern, common rock polypody) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6093: Polypodium virginianum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6093>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0090s', '20210225olymp0091cs', '20210418olymp1040s', '20200101olymp0009', '20200101olymp0010', '20200101olymp0011s', '20200115olymp0062s', '20200115olymp0063s', '20200531olymp2159cs', '20200531olymp2160s', '20201022olymp5203s', '20201022olymp5204cs', '20201022olymp5205s', '20230820olymp2216a', '20230621olymp1473', '20230621olymp1474'], 'pubimages': ['20210225olymp0090s', '20210225olymp0091cs', '20210418olymp1040s', '20200101olymp0011s', '20200115olymp0062s', '20200115olymp0063s', '20200531olymp2159cs', '20200531olymp2160s', '20201022olymp5203s', '20201022olymp5204cs', '20201022olymp5205s', '20230820olymp2216a'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polypodium virginianum</i> L.'}
Thelypteridaceae (Marsh Fern Family)
Parathelypteris noveboracensis (L.) Ching [remove: (L.) Ching ] (New York fern) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6100: Parathelypteris noveboracensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6100>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3218cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210601olymp3218cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parathelypteris noveboracensis</i> (L.) Ching'}
Parathelypteris simulata (Davenport) Holttum [remove: (Davenport) Holttum ] (Massachusetts fern) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6102: Parathelypteris simulata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6102>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1682'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parathelypteris simulata</i> (Davenport) Holttum'}


Cupressaceae (Cypress Family)
Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana [remove: virginiana ] (eastern red cedar) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6504: Juniperus virginiana var. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6504>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1145s'], 'pubimages': ['20230609olymp1145s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juniperus virginiana</i> L. var. <i>virginiana</i>'}
Pinaceae (Pine Family)
Picea abies (L.) H.Karst. [remove: (L.) H.Karst. ] (Norway spruce) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6510: Picea abies>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6510>, 'images': ['20210311olymp0124'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Picea abies</i> (L.) H.Karst.'}
Pinus resinosa Ait. [remove: Ait. ] (red pine) Adventive; native and watch-listed in W and N parts of [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6518: Pinus resinosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6518>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0068cs', '20200620olymp2628', '20200620olymp2629', '20200620olymp2630', '20200620olymp2631', '20200620olymp2632cs', '20201022olymp5206cs', '20201022olymp5207', '20201022olymp5208cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200115olymp0068cs', '20200620olymp2632cs', '20201022olymp5206cs', '20201022olymp5208cs'], 'notes': (1, 'Adventive; native and watch-listed in W and N parts of MA.'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pinus resinosa</i> Ait.'}
Pinus rigida P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (pitch pine) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6519: Pinus rigida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6519>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0067cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200115olymp0067cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pinus rigida</i> P.Miller'}
Pinus strobus L. [remove: L. ] (white pine) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6520: Pinus strobus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6520>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1226s', '20230609olymp1227'], 'pubimages': ['20230609olymp1226s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pinus strobus</i> L.'}
Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr. [remove: (L.) Carr. ] (eastern hemlock) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 6523: Tsuga canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 6523>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1418cs'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1418cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tsuga canadensis</i> (L.) Carr.'}


Agavaceae (Agave Family)
Yucca filamentosa L. [remove: L. ] (Spanish bayonet, Adam's needle) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10001: Yucca filamentosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10001>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1356cs'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1356cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Yucca filamentosa</i> L.'}
Araceae (Arum Family)
Symplocarpus foetidus (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. [remove: (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt. ] (skunk cabbage) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10007: Symplocarpus foetidus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10007>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1052', '20210418olymp1053s'], 'pubimages': ['20210418olymp1053s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Symplocarpus foetidus</i> (L.) Salisb. ex Nutt.'}
Asphodelaceae (Asphodel Family)
Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus L. [remove: L. ] (yellow daylily) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15720: Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15720>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1358s', '20230623olymp1562cs', '20230621olymp1478cs', '20230621olymp1478sc', '20230621olymp1479cs', '20230621olymp1480cs', '20230623olymp1564cs', '20230623olymp1565cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus</i> L.'}
Ornithogalum umbellatum L. [remove: L. ] (star-of-Bethlehem) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 5183: Ornithogalum umbellatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5183>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2198', '20200531olymp2199', '20200531olymp2200'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ornithogalum umbellatum</i> L.'}
Othocallis siberica (Haw. ex Andr.) Speta [remove: (Haw. ex Andr.) Speta ] (Siberian squill) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 5187: Othocallis siberica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5187>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1056cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210418olymp1056cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Othocallis siberica</i> (Haw. ex Andr.) Speta'}
Colchicaceae (Autumn Crocus Family)
Uvularia sessilifolia L. [remove: L. ] (little merrybells, sessile-leaved merrybells, sessile-leaved bellwort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10038: Uvularia sessilifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10038>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1222', '20230609olymp1223', '20230609olymp1224'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Uvularia sessilifolia</i> L.'}
Commelinaceae (Dayflower Family)
Tradescantia ohiensis Raf. [remove: Raf. ] (smooth spiderwort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12516: Tradescantia ohiensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12516>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3762cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tradescantia ohiensis</i> Raf.'}
Cyperaceae (Sedge Family)
Carex albicans var. emmonsii (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig [remove: (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig ] (Emmons' sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13139: Carex albicans var. emmonsii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13139>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1636a', '20210511olymp1637', '20210511olymp1638'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex albicans</i> var. <i>emmonsii</i> (Dewey ex Torrey) J.Rettig'}
Carex argyrantha Tuckerman [remove: Tuckerman ] (silvery sedge, silvery-flowered sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15096: Carex argyrantha>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15096>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1576'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex argyrantha</i> Tuckerman'}
Carex cephalophora Muhl. ex Willd. [remove: Muhl. ex Willd. ] (oval-headed sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13142: Carex cephalophora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13142>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1584'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex cephalophora</i> Muhl. ex Willd.'}
Carex crinita Lam. var. crinita [remove: Lam. ] (fringed sedge, awned sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10009: Carex crinita var. crinita>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10009>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2113'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex crinita</i> Lam. var. <i>crinita</i>'}
Carex intumescens Rudge [remove: Rudge ] (greater bladder sedge, swamp sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10011: Carex intumescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10011>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5213'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex intumescens</i> Rudge'}
Carex laxiculmis Schwein. var. laxiculmis [remove: Schwein. ] (spreading woodland sedge, spreading sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13150: Carex laxiculmis var. laxiculmis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13150>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2115', '20230621olymp1449cs', '20230621olymp1450s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex laxiculmis</i> Schwein. var. <i>laxiculmis</i>'}
Carex lurida Wahlenb. [remove: Wahlenb. ] (sallow sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10012: Carex lurida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10012>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1484cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex lurida</i> Wahlenb.'}
Carex pensylvanica Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (Pennsylvania sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10013: Carex pensylvanica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10013>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1422s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex pensylvanica</i> Lam.'}
Carex radiata (Wahlenb.) Small [remove: (Wahlenb.) Small ] (eastern star sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15307: Carex radiata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15307>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1571', '20230626olymp1572'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex radiata</i> (Wahlenb.) Small'}
Carex swanii (Fern.) Mackenzie [remove: (Fern.) Mackenzie ] (Swan's sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13158: Carex swanii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13158>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1170', '20230621olymp1472cs', '20230621olymp1482cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex swanii</i> (Fern.) Mackenzie'}
Carex vulpinoidea Michx. [remove: Michx. ] (common fox sedge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12648: Carex vulpinoidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12648>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1191', '20230611olymp1231'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carex vulpinoidea</i> Michx.'}
Hypoxidaceae (Stargrass Family)
Hypoxis hirsuta (L.) Cov. [remove: (L.) Cov. ] (yellow stargrass, common stargrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10030: Hypoxis hirsuta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10030>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1215'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypoxis hirsuta</i> (L.) Cov.'}
Juncaceae (Rush Family)
Juncus anthelatus (Wieg.) R.E.Brooks [remove: (Wieg.) R.E.Brooks ] (Wiegand's rush) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15818: Juncus anthelatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15818>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1574', '20230626olymp1575', '20230626olymp1583'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juncus anthelatus</i> (Wieg.) R.E.Brooks'}
Juncus tenuis Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (path rush, yard rush) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12618: Juncus tenuis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12618>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2207', '20230820olymp2210'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Juncus tenuis</i> Willd.'}
Luzula multiflora (Retz.) Lej. ssp. multiflora [remove: (Retz.) Lej. ] (common woodrush) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11504: Luzula multiflora ssp. multiflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11504>, 'images': ['20230611olymp1233a', '20230611olymp1234a', '20230611olymp1235', '20230611olymp1236', '20230611olymp1237', '20230611olymp1238', '20230611olymp1239', '20230611olymp1240a', '20230611olymp1241', '20230611olymp1242', '20230611olymp1243', '20230621olymp1451s', '20230623olymp1567cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Luzula multiflora</i> (Retz.) Lej. ssp. <i>multiflora</i>'}
Liliaceae (Lily Family)
Erythronium americanum Ker Gawler ssp. americanum [remove: Ker Gawler ] (American trout lily) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10028: Erythronium americanum ssp. americanum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10028>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1008s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erythronium americanum</i> Ker Gawler ssp. <i>americanum</i>'}
Medeola virginiana L. [remove: L. ] (Indian cucumber root, Indian cucumber) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10033: Medeola virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10033>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1671', '20210511olymp1681', '20200531olymp2161', '20230621olymp1419', '20230820olymp2220'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Medeola virginiana</i> L.'}
Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)
Cypripedium acaule Aiton [remove: Aiton ] (pink lady's slipper) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10041: Cypripedium acaule>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10041>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1221'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cypripedium acaule</i> Aiton'}
Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R.Br. [remove: (Willd.) R.Br. ] (downy rattlesnake plantain) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10043: Goodyera pubescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10043>, 'images': ['20210112samsu0038cs', '20210112samsu0037cs', '20210112olymp0036cs', '20210112olymp0035cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210112samsu0037cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Goodyera pubescens</i> (Willd.) R.Br.'}
Poaceae (Grass Family)
Agrostis scabra Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (rough bentgrass, winter bent, hairgrass, northern ticklegrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12768: Agrostis scabra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12768>, 'images': ['20230827olymp2397'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Agrostis scabra</i> Willd.'}
Andropogon gerardii Vitman [remove: Vitman ] (big bluestem) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13765: Andropogon gerardii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13765>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2270', '20230825olymp2384'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Andropogon gerardii</i> Vitman'}
Bromus inermis Leyss. ssp. inermis [remove: Leyss. ] (awnless brome, smooth brome) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12584: Bromus inermis ssp. inermis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12584>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2388'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Bromus inermis</i> Leyss. ssp. <i>inermis</i>'}
Dactylis glomerata L. [remove: L. ] (orchard grass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12376: Dactylis glomerata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12376>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1537'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dactylis glomerata</i> L.'}
Danthonia spicata (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes [remove: (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes ] (poverty oatgrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13180: Danthonia spicata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13180>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1573'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Danthonia spicata</i> (L.) Beauv. ex Roemer & J.A.Schultes'}
Dichanthelium clandestinum (L.) Gould [remove: (L.) Gould ] (deertongue panicgrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10053: Dichanthelium clandestinum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10053>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1139', '20230609olymp1140', '20230609olymp1141'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dichanthelium clandestinum</i> (L.) Gould'}
Dichanthelium dichotomum (L.) Gould ssp. dichotomum [remove: (L.) Gould ] (forked panicgrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12608: Dichanthelium dichotomum ssp. dichotomum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12608>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2199a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Dichanthelium dichotomum</i> (L.) Gould ssp. <i>dichotomum</i>'}
Digitaria violascens Link [remove: Link ] (violet crabgrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15026: Digitaria violascens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15026>, 'images': ['20230827olymp2398', '20230827olymp2399', '20230820olymp2212'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Digitaria violascens</i> Link'}
Eleusine indica (L.) Gaertner [remove: (L.) Gaertner ] (Indian goosegrass, Indian yardgrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15346: Eleusine indica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15346>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2307'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eleusine indica</i> (L.) Gaertner'}
Festuca filiformis Pourret [remove: Pourret ] (hair fescue, fine-leaved sheep fescue) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11520: Festuca filiformis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11520>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1174'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Festuca filiformis</i> Pourret'}
Lolium perenne L. [remove: L. ] (perennial ryegrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15199: Lolium perenne>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15199>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1585'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lolium perenne</i> L.'}
Poa annua L. [remove: L. ] (annual bluegrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13333: Poa annua>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13333>, 'images': ['20230611olymp1229'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Poa annua</i> L.'}
Poa compressa L. [remove: L. ] (flat-stemmed bluegrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12592: Poa compressa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12592>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1579', '20230626olymp1581'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Poa compressa</i> L.'}
Poa nemoralis L. [remove: L. ] (woodland bluegrass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 14072: Poa nemoralis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14072>, 'images': ['20230626olymp1578cs', '20230626olymp1580cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Poa nemoralis</i> L.'}
Setaria faberi R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen [remove: R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen ] (Chinese foxtail, giant foxtail, nodding foxtail) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11744: Setaria faberi>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11744>, 'images': ['20230827olymp2400'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Setaria faberi</i> R.A.W.Herrm. ex Rosen'}
Setaria pumila (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ssp. pumila [remove: (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ] (yellow foxtail) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11814: Setaria pumila ssp. pumila>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11814>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2374'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Setaria pumila</i> (Poir.) Roemer & J.A.Schultes ssp. <i>pumila</i>'}
Sorghastrum nutans (L.) Nash [remove: (L.) Nash ] (Indian grass) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15104: Sorghastrum nutans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15104>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2375'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sorghastrum nutans</i> (L.) Nash'}
Ruscaceae (Butcher's Broom Family)
Convallaria majalis L. [remove: L. ] (lily-of-the-valley) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 5159: Convallaria majalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 5159>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2081cs'], 'pubimages': ['20200531olymp2081cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Convallaria majalis</i> L.'}
Maianthemum canadense Desf. [remove: Desf. ] (Canada mayflower) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10032: Maianthemum canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10032>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1357', '20230820olymp2208'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Maianthemum canadense</i> Desf.'}
Polygonatum pubescens (Willd.) Pursh [remove: (Willd.) Pursh ] (hairy Solomon's seal) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10034: Polygonatum pubescens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10034>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5209', '20230621olymp1409', '20230621olymp1410', '20230621olymp1411', '20230621olymp1412', '20230623olymp1566cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polygonatum pubescens</i> (Willd.) Pursh'}
Smilacaceae (Greenbrier Family)
Smilax glauca Walter [remove: Walter ] (sawbrier, wild sarsaparilla, glaucous-leaved greenbrier) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10066: Smilax glauca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10066>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1204'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Smilax glauca</i> Walter'}
Smilax rotundifolia L. [remove: L. ] (catbrier, bullbrier, common greenbrier) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10068: Smilax rotundifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10068>, 'images': ['20200605olymp2312a', '20200612olymp2510', '20200612olymp2511', '20200612olymp2512', '20200612olymp2513', '20200612olymp2514', '20200612olymp2515', '20200612olymp2516', '20200612olymp2517', '20200612olymp2518', '20200612olymp2519', '20200612olymp2520', '20200612olymp2521', '20200612olymp2522', '20201022olymp5167', '20201022olymp5168', '20230609olymp1205', '20230609olymp1206', '20230609olymp1207', '20230609olymp1208', '20210601olymp3208cs', '20210601olymp3209cs', '20210601olymp3210cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Smilax rotundifolia</i> L.'}

Magnoliid Complex

Aristolochiaceae (Birthwort Family)
Hexastylis arifolia (Michx.) Small [remove: (Michx.) Small ] (little brown jug) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17074: Hexastylis arifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17074>, 'images': ['20200602olymp2269cs', '20200601olymp2262s', '20200531olymp2103cs', '20200531olymp2102sc', '20200531olymp2102cs', '20200531olymp2098sc', '20200531olymp2104cs', '20200531olymp2101cs', '20200531olymp2099cs', '20200531olymp2097cs', '20210112olymp0023cs', '20200531olymp2100', '20200531olymp2105', '20200531olymp2106', '20200531olymp2107', '20200531olymp2222', '20200531olymp2223', '20200531olymp2224', '20200531olymp2225', '20200601olymp2263', '20200602olymp2266', '20200602olymp2267', '20200602olymp2268', '20200602olymp2270', '20200602olymp2271', '20200602olymp2272', '20200602olymp2273'], 'pubimages': ['20200602olymp2269cs', '20200531olymp2103cs', '20200531olymp2102sc', '20200531olymp2102cs', '20200531olymp2098sc', '20200531olymp2099cs', '20210112olymp0023cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hexastylis arifolia</i> (Michx.) Small'}
Hexastylis shuttleworthii (Britten & Baker f.) Small [remove: (Britten & Baker f.) Small ] (largeflower heartleaf) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17075: Hexastylis shuttleworthii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17075>, 'images': ['20200117olymp0077cs', '20200117olymp0076s', '20200117olymp0075s', '20200117olymp0074s', '20200117olymp0073cs', '20200117olymp0072', '20200117olymp0071cs', '20200117olymp0070cs', '20200115olymp0050s', '20200115olymp0049s', '20200115olymp0048s', '20200115olymp0047s', '20200425olymp0442cs', '20200425olymp0441s', '20200425olymp0434s', '20200425olymp0433s', '20200425olymp0430s', '20200425olymp0429cs', '20200425olymp0428s', '20200602olymp2257cs', '20200602olymp2253cs', '20200602olymp2249cs', '20200602olymp2248cs', '20200602olymp2246cs', '20200602olymp2245cs', '20200602olymp2242cs', '20200602olymp2240cs', '20200601olymp2243cs', '20200531olymp2084cs', '20200531olymp2083cs', '20200531olymp2069cs', '20200531olymp2061cs', '20200531olymp2059cs', '20200531olymp2058cs', '20200531olymp2056s', '20200531olymp2055cs', '20210716olymp4507cs', '20210716olymp4506cs', '20210418olymp1036', '20210511olymp1663', '20210511olymp1664', '20210511olymp1665', '20200531olymp2051', '20200531olymp2052', '20200531olymp2053', '20200531olymp2054', '20200531olymp2057', '20200531olymp2060', '20200531olymp2062', '20200531olymp2063', '20200531olymp2064', '20200531olymp2067', '20200531olymp2068', '20200531olymp2073', '20200531olymp2074', '20200531olymp2075', '20200531olymp2076', '20200531olymp2077', '20200531olymp2078', '20200531olymp2079', '20200531olymp2080', '20200531olymp2082', '20200531olymp2085', '20200531olymp2086', '20200531olymp2087', '20200531olymp2088', '20200531olymp2092', '20200531olymp2203', '20200531olymp2204', '20200531olymp2205', '20200531olymp2206', '20200531olymp2207', '20200531olymp2208', '20200531olymp2209', '20200531olymp2210', '20200531olymp2211', '20200531olymp2212', '20200531olymp2213', '20200531olymp2214', '20200531olymp2215', '20200531olymp2216', '20200531olymp2217', '20200531olymp2218', '20200531olymp2219', '20200531olymp2220', '20200605olymp2292', '20200605olymp2302', '20200605olymp2322', '20200605olymp2323', '20200605olymp2324', '20200605olymp2325', '20200605olymp2326', '20200605olymp2327', '20230609olymp1214', '20200530olymp2049', '20200530olymp2050', '20200601olymp2230', '20200601olymp2231', '20200601olymp2232', '20200601olymp2233', '20200601olymp2234', '20200601olymp2235', '20200601olymp2236', '20200601olymp2237', '20200601olymp2238', '20200601olymp2239', '20200602olymp2241', '20200602olymp2244', '20200602olymp2247', '20200602olymp2250cs', '20200602olymp2251', '20200602olymp2252', '20200602olymp2254', '20200602olymp2255', '20200602olymp2256', '20200602olymp2258', '20200602olymp2259', '20200602olymp2260', '20200602olymp2261'], 'pubimages': ['20200117olymp0077cs', '20200117olymp0076s', '20200117olymp0073cs', '20200117olymp0070cs', '20200115olymp0048s', '20200425olymp0442cs', '20200425olymp0441s', '20200425olymp0433s', '20200425olymp0430s', '20200425olymp0429cs', '20200602olymp2257cs', '20200602olymp2253cs', '20200602olymp2249cs', '20200602olymp2248cs', '20200602olymp2246cs', '20200602olymp2245cs', '20200602olymp2242cs', '20200531olymp2084cs', '20200531olymp2058cs', '20200531olymp2056s', '20200531olymp2055cs', '20210716olymp4507cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hexastylis shuttleworthii</i> (Britten & Baker f.) Small'}
Lauraceae (Laurel Family)
Lindera benzoin (L.) Blume [remove: (L.) Blume ] (northern spicebush) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2514: Lindera benzoin>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2514>, 'images': ['20210408olymp0504', '20210418olymp1042', '20210418olymp1043', '20210418olymp1050'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lindera benzoin</i> (L.) Blume'}
Sassafras albidum (Nutt.) Nees [remove: (Nutt.) Nees ] (sassafras) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2515: Sassafras albidum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2515>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1585', '20210511olymp1586', '20210511olymp1587'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sassafras albidum</i> (Nutt.) Nees'}
Magnoliaceae (Magnolia Family)
Magnolia acuminata L. [remove: L. ] (cucumber tree, cucumbertree) Discovered by Stephanie Radner; relocated. DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15586: Magnolia acuminata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15586>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1397cs', '20230621olymp1398cs', '20230621olymp1399cs', '20230621olymp1400s', '20230621olymp1401cs', '20230621olymp1402cs', '20230621olymp1403cs', '20230621olymp1404s', '20230621olymp1405cs', '20230621olymp1406cs', '20230621olymp1407cs', '20230621olymp1408cs', '20230820olymp2289', '20230820olymp2290', '20230820olymp2291', '20230820olymp2292'], 'pubimages': [], 'notes': (4, 'Discovered by Stephanie Radner; relocated.'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Magnolia acuminata</i> L.'}

Eudicots (Tricolpates)

Adoxaceae (Viburnum Family)
Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis (L.) R.Bolli [remove: (L.) R.Bolli ] (American black elderberry, American black-fruited elderberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10120: Sambucus nigra ssp. canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10120>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1387cs', '20230621olymp1429', '20230621olymp1430', '20230621olymp1431'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sambucus nigra</i> ssp. <i>canadensis</i> (L.) R.Bolli'}
Viburnum acerifolium L. [remove: L. ] (mapleleaf viburnum) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7153: Viburnum acerifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7153>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1176', '20230609olymp1193', '20230820olymp2211'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viburnum acerifolium</i> L.'}
Anacardiaceae (Sumac Family)
Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze [remove: (L.) Kuntze ] (poison ivy) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7144: Toxicodendron radicans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7144>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1133'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Toxicodendron radicans</i> (L.) Kuntze'}
Apiaceae (Carrot or Celery Family)
Cicuta bulbifera L. [remove: L. ] (bulblet-bearing water hemlock) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13167: Cicuta bulbifera>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13167>, 'images': ['20200602olymp2277cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cicuta bulbifera</i> L.'}
Ligusticum canadense ? [remove: ? ] (American lovage, boar hog root) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 302976: Ligusticum canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 302976>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1209a', '20230609olymp1210a', '20230609olymp1211a', '20230621olymp1432a', '20230621olymp1433a', '20230621olymp1434a', '20230621olymp1435a', '20230621olymp1436a', '20230621olymp1437a', '20230621olymp1438a', '20231102olymp2996cs', '20231102olymp2997cs', '20231102olymp2998a', '20210716olymp4504a', '20210716olymp4505a'], 'pubimages': ['20230609olymp1209a', '20230609olymp1210a', '20230621olymp1433a', '20230621olymp1434a', '20230621olymp1435a', '20230621olymp1438a', '20231102olymp2997cs', '20210716olymp4504a'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ligusticum canadense</i> ?'}
Sium suave Walter [remove: Walter ] (water parsnip) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12418: Sium suave>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12418>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2154', '20200531olymp2157', '20200531olymp2158', '20230621olymp1485'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Sium suave</i> Walter'}
Apocynaceae (Dogbane Family)
Asclepias syriaca L. [remove: L. ] (common milkweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7024: Asclepias syriaca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7024>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1364'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Asclepias syriaca</i> L.'}
Vinca minor L. [remove: L. ] (common periwinkle) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7157: Vinca minor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7157>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1177'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vinca minor</i> L.'}
Aquifoliaceae (Holly Family)
Ilex montana Torrey & A.Gray ex A.Gray [remove: Torrey & A.Gray ex A.Gray ] (bigleaf holly, mountain holly) Adventivephotos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 16237: Ilex montana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16237>, 'images': ['20200612olymp2534cs', '20200612olymp2533cs', '20200612olymp2499cs', '20200612olymp2541cs', '20200612olymp2539cs', '20200612olymp2538cs', '20200612olymp2537cs', '20200612olymp2536cs', '20200612olymp2528cs', '20200612olymp2504s', '20200612olymp2502cs', '20200612olymp2500cs', '20200612olymp2497s', '20200612olymp2495cs', '20201022olymp5141cs', '20201022olymp5140s', '20201022olymp5139', '20201022olymp5138s', '20201022olymp5132cs', '20201022olymp5131cs', '20201022olymp5130cs', '20201022olymp5129s', '20201222olymp5959cs', '20201222olymp5957cs', '20210424olymp1222', '20210424olymp1223a', '20210424olymp1224', '20200612olymp2496', '20200612olymp2498', '20200612olymp2501', '20200612olymp2503', '20200612olymp2505', '20200612olymp2529', '20200612olymp2530', '20200612olymp2531', '20200612olymp2532', '20200612olymp2535', '20200612olymp2540', '20230609olymp1216', '20230609olymp1217', '20230609olymp1218', '20230621olymp1442cs', '20230621olymp1443cs', '20230621olymp1444cs', '20230621olymp1445cs', '20230621olymp1446s', '20230621olymp1447s', '20230621olymp1448s', '20231102olymp2992s', '20231102olymp2993cs', '20231102olymp2994cs', '20231102olymp2995s', '20201222olymp5954', '20201222olymp5955', '20201222olymp5956', '20201222olymp5958', '20201222olymp5960'], 'pubimages': ['20200612olymp2534cs', '20200612olymp2533cs', '20200612olymp2499cs', '20200612olymp2538cs', '20200612olymp2504s', '20200612olymp2500cs', '20200612olymp2497s', '20201022olymp5141cs', '20201022olymp5140s', '20201022olymp5138s', '20201022olymp5132cs', '20201022olymp5131cs', '20201022olymp5130cs', '20201022olymp5129s', '20201222olymp5959cs', '20201222olymp5957cs'], 'notes': (2, 'Adventive'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ilex montana</i> Torrey & A.Gray ex A.Gray'}
Ilex opaca Ait. var. opaca [remove: Ait. ] (American holly) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7103: Ilex opaca var. opaca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7103>, 'images': ['20210121olymp0062cs', '20230621olymp1441', '20230820olymp2217'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ilex opaca</i> Ait. var. <i>opaca</i>'}
Ilex verticillata (L.) A.Gray [remove: (L.) A.Gray ] (common winterberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7104: Ilex verticillata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7104>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5212'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ilex verticillata</i> (L.) A.Gray'}
Araliaceae (Aralia or Ginseng Family)
Aralia hispida Vent. [remove: Vent. ] (bristly sarsaparilla) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7014: Aralia hispida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7014>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3753cs', '20210624olymp3752cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210624olymp3753cs', '20210624olymp3752cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aralia hispida</i> Vent.'}
Aralia nudicaulis L. [remove: L. ] (wild sarsaparilla) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7015: Aralia nudicaulis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7015>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1172', '20230609olymp1173'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Aralia nudicaulis</i> L.'}
Asteraceae (composits Family)
Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. [remove: L. ] (annual ragweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7009: Ambrosia artemisiifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7009>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2195'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ambrosia artemisiifolia</i> L.'}
Arctium minus Bernh. [remove: Bernh. ] (lesser burdock, common burdock) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7017: Arctium minus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7017>, 'images': ['20200620olymp2612', '20200620olymp2613', '20200620olymp2614', '20200620olymp2615'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arctium minus</i> Bernh.'}
Artemisia vulgaris L. [remove: L. ] (mugwort, European common wormwood) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7021: Artemisia vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7021>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1371'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Artemisia vulgaris</i> L.'}
Bidens connata Muhl. ex Willd. [remove: Muhl. ex Willd. ] (purple-stemmed beggarticks, swamp beggarticks) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13129: Bidens connata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13129>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2214'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Bidens connata</i> Muhl. ex Willd.'}
Cichorium intybus L. [remove: L. ] (common chicory) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7055: Cichorium intybus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7055>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2389'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cichorium intybus</i> L.'}
Echinacea purpurea (L.) Moench [remove: (L.) Moench ] (purple coneflower) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15442: Echinacea purpurea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15442>, 'images': ['20210716olymp4489cs', '20210716olymp4488cs', '20210716olymp4487cs', '20210716olymp4486cs', '20230820olymp2295'], 'pubimages': ['20210716olymp4489cs', '20210716olymp4488cs', '20210716olymp4487cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Echinacea purpurea</i> (L.) Moench'}
Erechtites hieraciifolius var. hieraciifolius [remove: (L.) Raf. ex DC. ] (fireweed, pilewort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10109: Erechtites hieraciifolius var. hieraciifolius>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10109>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2203'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erechtites hieraciifolius</i> var. <i>hieraciifolius</i>'}
Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers. [remove: (L.) Pers. ] (annual fleabane, eastern daisy fleabane) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7078: Erigeron annuus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7078>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1535', '20230623olymp1536', '20230621olymp1370'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Erigeron annuus</i> (L.) Pers.'}
Eurybia divaricata (L.) G.L.Nesom [remove: (L.) G.L.Nesom ] (white wood aster) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7027: Eurybia divaricata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7027>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5198a', '20230609olymp1148', '20230609olymp1149', '20230820olymp2190', '20230820olymp2191', '20230820olymp2192', '20230820olymp2283'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eurybia divaricata</i> (L.) G.L.Nesom'}
Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. [remove: (L.) Nutt. ] (common flat-topped goldenrod, grassleaf flat-topped goldenrod) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10111: Euthamia graminifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10111>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2272', '20230825olymp2376', '20230825olymp2377'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euthamia graminifolia</i> (L.) Nutt.'}
Hieracium paniculatum L. [remove: L. ] (woodland hawkweed, panicled hawkweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11846: Hieracium paniculatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11846>, 'images': ['20230824olymp2364', '20230820olymp2266'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hieracium paniculatum</i> L.'}
Lapsana communis L. [remove: L. ] (common nipplewort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11584: Lapsana communis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11584>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3763cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lapsana communis</i> L.'}
Matricaria discoidea DC. [remove: DC. ] (rayless chamomile, pineapple weed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13284: Matricaria discoidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13284>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1563'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Matricaria discoidea</i> DC.'}
Nabalus altissimus (L.) Hooker [remove: (L.) Hooker ] (tall rattlesnake root, slender rattlesnake root) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11928: Nabalus altissimus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11928>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2091', '20230820olymp2253'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Nabalus altissimus</i> (L.) Hooker'}
Ratibida columnifera (Nutt.) Woot. & Standl. [remove: (Nutt.) Woot. & Standl. ] (long-headed coneflower, prarie coneflower, prairie Mexican hat) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 14317: Ratibida columnifera>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14317>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5119'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ratibida columnifera</i> (Nutt.) Woot. & Standl.'}
Ratibida pinnata (Vent.) Barnh. [remove: (Vent.) Barnh. ] (gray-headed prairie coneflower, gray-headed Mexican hat) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15570: Ratibida pinnata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15570>, 'images': ['20210716olymp4485cs', '20210716olymp4483cs', '20210716olymp4482cs', '20201022olymp5115cs', '20201022olymp5116cs', '20201022olymp5117s', '20201022olymp5118s'], 'pubimages': ['20210716olymp4485cs', '20210716olymp4483cs', '20210716olymp4482cs', '20201022olymp5115cs', '20201022olymp5116cs', '20201022olymp5117s', '20201022olymp5118s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ratibida pinnata</i> (Vent.) Barnh.'}
Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrima Farw. [remove: Farw. ] (black-eyed Susan, black-eyed coneflower) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10119: Rudbeckia hirta var. pulcherrima>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10119>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3758cs', '20230820olymp2271'], 'pubimages': ['20210624olymp3758cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rudbeckia hirta</i> var. <i>pulcherrima</i> Farw.'}
Solidago odora Aiton ssp. odora [remove: Aiton ] (licorice goldenrod, sweet goldenrod) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11756: Solidago odora ssp. odora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11756>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5128', '20230824olymp2359', '20230820olymp2213', '20230820olymp2215', '20230820olymp2256', '20230820olymp2257', '20230820olymp2258', '20230820olymp2259', '20230820olymp2260', '20230820olymp2261', '20230820olymp2262'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago odora</i> Aiton ssp. <i>odora</i>'}
Solidago rugosa P.Miller ssp. rugosa [remove: P.Miller ] (common rough-stemmed goldenrod, common wrinkle-leaved goldenrod) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12812: Solidago rugosa ssp. rugosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12812>, 'images': ['20231105olymp2999', '20231105olymp3000', '20231105olymp3001', '20231105olymp3002'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solidago rugosa</i> P.Miller ssp. <i>rugosa</i>'}
Taraxacum officinale G.H.Weber ex Wiggers [remove: G.H.Weber ex Wiggers ] (common dandelion) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12292: Taraxacum officinale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12292>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1684', '20210511olymp1685'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Taraxacum officinale</i> G.H.Weber ex Wiggers'}
Balsaminaceae (Touch-Me-Not Family)
Impatiens capensis Meerb. [remove: Meerb. ] (orange jewelweed, common jewelweed, spotted touch-me-not) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7105: Impatiens capensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7105>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1228', '20230820olymp2280', '20230820olymp2281'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Impatiens capensis</i> Meerb.'}
Betulaceae (Birch Family)
Betula alleghaniensis Britton [remove: Britton ] (yellow birch) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7039: Betula alleghaniensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7039>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1481'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula alleghaniensis</i> Britton'}
Betula lenta L. [remove: L. ] (sweet birch, cherry birch, black birch) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7040: Betula lenta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7040>, 'images': ['20200425olymp0435', '20200425olymp0436', '20200605olymp2281', '20200605olymp2283', '20200605olymp2284', '20200605olymp2285', '20200605olymp2286', '20201022olymp5194', '20201022olymp5195', '20210511olymp1678'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula lenta</i> L.'}
Betula papyrifera Marsh. [remove: Marsh. ] (paper birch) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7042: Betula papyrifera>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7042>, 'images': ['20200101olymp0013a', '20200101olymp0014', '20200101olymp0015', '20200101olymp0016'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Betula papyrifera</i> Marsh.'}
Corylus cornuta Marsh. ssp. cornuta [remove: Marsh. ] (beaked hazelnut) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7063: Corylus cornuta ssp. cornuta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7063>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5201', '20201022olymp5202'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Corylus cornuta</i> Marsh. ssp. <i>cornuta</i>'}
Ostrya virginiana (P.Mill.) K.Koch [remove: (P.Mill.) K.Koch ] (eastern hophornbeam) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7123: Ostrya virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7123>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0092', '20230609olymp1142', '20230609olymp1143', '20230609olymp1144', '20230609olymp1155'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ostrya virginiana</i> (P.Mill.) K.Koch'}
Brassicaceae (Mustard Family)
Alliaria petiolata (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande [remove: (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande ] (garlic mustard) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10101: Alliaria petiolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10101>, 'images': ['20210112samsu0048cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Alliaria petiolata</i> (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande'}
Cardamine impatiens L. [remove: L. ] (narrowleaf bittercress, bushy rockcress) On private property immediately outside S reservation boundary. DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3017: Cardamine impatiens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3017>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2130cs', '20200531olymp2128s', '20200531olymp2126cs', '20200531olymp2121cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'notes': (5, 'On private property immediately outside S reservation boundary.'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cardamine impatiens</i> L.'}
Nasturtium officinale Ait.f. [remove: Ait.f. ] (common watercress) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 14608: Nasturtium officinale>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 14608>, 'images': ['20210418olymp0867', '20210418olymp0971', '20210418olymp0972', '20210418olymp0973', '20210418olymp0974', '20210418olymp1051', '20230621olymp1476'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Nasturtium officinale</i> Ait.f.'}
Thlaspi arvense L. [remove: L. ] (field pennycress) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13408: Thlaspi arvense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13408>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1374'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Thlaspi arvense</i> L.'}
Buxaceae (Boxwood Family)
Buxus sempervirens L. [remove: L. ] (European common box, European boxwood) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 16911: Buxus sempervirens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16911>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0084s', '20210226olymp0113cs', '20210226olymp0112cs', '20210226olymp0111cs', '20210226olymp0110cs', '20210424olymp1226a'], 'pubimages': ['20210225olymp0084s', '20210226olymp0113cs', '20210226olymp0111cs', '20210226olymp0110cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Buxus sempervirens</i> L.'}
Pachysandra terminalis Sieb. & Zucc. [remove: Sieb. & Zucc. ] (Japanese spurge) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7124: Pachysandra terminalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7124>, 'images': ['20210408olymp0494', '20210408olymp0495', '20210408olymp0497'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pachysandra terminalis</i> Sieb. & Zucc.'}
Campanulaceae (Bluebell Family)
Lobelia cardinalis L. [remove: L. ] (cardinalflower) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7117: Lobelia cardinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7117>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3803', '20210624olymp3804', '20230820olymp2298'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lobelia cardinalis</i> L.'}
Triodanis perfoliata (L.) Nieuwl. [remove: (L.) Nieuwl. ] (Venus' looking glass, clasping bellflower) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7148: Triodanis perfoliata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7148>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1363'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Triodanis perfoliata</i> (L.) Nieuwl.'}
Cannabaceae (Hemp Family)
Humulus japonicus Sieb. & Zucc. [remove: Sieb. & Zucc. ] (Japanese hops) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2625: Humulus japonicus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2625>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1379s', '20230621olymp1380', '20230820olymp2274'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1379s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Humulus japonicus</i> Sieb. & Zucc.'}
Caprifoliaceae (Honeysuckle Family)
Lonicera japonica Thunb. [remove: Thunb. ] (Japanese honeysuckle) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4139: Lonicera japonica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4139>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0085'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lonicera japonica</i> Thunb.'}
Lonicera morrowii A.Gray [remove: A.Gray ] (Morrow's honeysuckle) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4141: Lonicera morrowii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4141>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1417'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lonicera morrowii</i> A.Gray'}
Caryophyllaceae (Pink Family)
Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet [remove: (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet ] (mouse-ear chickweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13889: Cerastium fontanum ssp. vulgare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13889>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1553cs', '20230623olymp1554cs', '20230623olymp1555cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Cerastium fontanum</i> ssp. <i>vulgare</i> (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet'}
Saponaria officinalis L. [remove: L. ] (common soapwort, soapweed, bouncing bet) Found by Stephanie Radner and posted on iNaturalist. DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11600: Saponaria officinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11600>, 'images': [], 'pubimages': [], 'source': 'iNaturalist', 'url': '', 'notes': (7, 'Found by Stephanie Radner and posted on iNaturalist.'), 'longname': '<i>Saponaria officinalis</i> L.'}
Celastraceae (Bittersweet Family)
Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. [remove: Thunb. ] (Oriental bittersweet, Asian bittersweet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10106: Celastrus orbiculatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10106>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1147'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Celastrus orbiculatus</i> Thunb.'}
Euonymus fortunei (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz. [remove: (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz. ] (winter creeper) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7081: Euonymus fortunei>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7081>, 'images': ['20210112samsu0049cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Euonymus fortunei</i> (Turcz.) Hand.-Mazz.'}
Clethraceae (Pepperbush Family)
Clethra alnifolia L. [remove: L. ] (sweet pepperbush) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7057: Clethra alnifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7057>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1464', '20230820olymp2222', '20230820olymp2225', '20230820olymp2226', '20230820olymp2227', '20231102olymp2985s', '20231102olymp2986cs', '20231102olymp2987cs', '20231102olymp2990cs', '20231102olymp2991cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Clethra alnifolia</i> L.'}
Cornaceae (Dogwood Family)
Nyssa sylvatica Marshall [remove: Marshall ] (tupelo, black gum) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3526: Nyssa sylvatica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3526>, 'images': ['20200101olymp0008', '20200605olymp2348', '20200605olymp2349', '20201022olymp5178', '20230824olymp2361'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Nyssa sylvatica</i> Marshall'}
Swida amomum var. schuetzeana (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines [remove: (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines ] (oblique-leaf silky dogwood, pale silky dogwood) photos: [1] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 301793: Swida amomum var. schuetzeana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 301793>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3759cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210624olymp3759cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Swida amomum</i> var. <i>schuetzeana</i> (C.A.Mey.) A.Haines'}
Diapensiaceae (Diapensia Family)
Galax urceolata (Poiret) Brummitt [remove: (Poiret) Brummitt ] (beetleweed, wandflower) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17162: Galax urceolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17162>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0055cs', '20200115olymp0054cs', '20200115olymp0053s', '20200117olymp0084cs', '20200117olymp0083cs', '20200117olymp0082cs', '20200117olymp0081cs', '20200117olymp0080cs', '20200117olymp0079s', '20200117olymp0078cs', '20200531olymp2179c', '20200531olymp2178cs', '20200531olymp2174s', '20200531olymp2172cs', '20200531olymp2171cs', '20200531olymp2170cs', '20200531olymp2168cs', '20200531olymp2153cs', '20200531olymp2150s', '20200531olymp2147cs', '20200531olymp2146cs', '20200531olymp2108cs', '20200531olymp2096cs', '20200531olymp2095cs', '20200531olymp2093cs', '20200620olymp2625cs', '20200620olymp2623cs', '20200620olymp2621cs', '20200620olymp2619cs', '20200620olymp2616cs', '20201022olymp5173cs', '20201022olymp5156cs', '20201022olymp5155cs', '20201022olymp5154cs', '20201022olymp5153cs', '20201022olymp5133cs', '20201022olymp5134cs', '20201022olymp5134c', '20200425olymp0440', '20200425olymp0439', '20200425olymp0438', '20200425olymp0437s', '20210112samsu0045cs', '20210121olymp0061cs', '20210418olymp0999', '20210418olymp1005cs', '20210418olymp1018', '20210418olymp1023', '20210418olymp1027', '20210418olymp1028', '20210418olymp1037', '20210601olymp3239', '20210601olymp3240', '20200531olymp2094', '20200531olymp2142', '20200531olymp2143', '20200531olymp2144', '20200531olymp2145', '20200531olymp2148', '20200531olymp2149', '20200531olymp2151', '20200531olymp2152', '20200531olymp2169', '20200531olymp2173', '20200531olymp2175', '20200531olymp2176', '20200531olymp2177', '20200531olymp2180', '20200605olymp2291', '20200605olymp2347', '20200612olymp2523', '20200612olymp2524', '20200612olymp2525', '20200612olymp2526', '20200612olymp2527', '20200620olymp2617', '20200620olymp2618', '20200620olymp2620', '20200620olymp2622', '20200620olymp2624', '20200620olymp2626', '20200620olymp2627', '20230621olymp1457cs', '20230621olymp1458cs', '20230621olymp1459cs', '20230621olymp1460cs', '20230621olymp1461', '20230621olymp1462', '20230621olymp1463', '20230820olymp2249', '20230820olymp2250', '20210511olymp1608'], 'pubimages': ['20200115olymp0054cs', '20200117olymp0078cs', '20200531olymp2179c', '20200531olymp2178cs', '20200531olymp2172cs', '20200531olymp2171cs', '20200531olymp2168cs', '20200531olymp2153cs', '20200531olymp2150s', '20200531olymp2147cs', '20200531olymp2096cs', '20200620olymp2625cs', '20200620olymp2621cs', '20201022olymp5173cs', '20201022olymp5156cs', '20201022olymp5155cs', '20201022olymp5154cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Galax urceolata</i> (Poiret) Brummitt'}
Shortia galacifolia Torr. & A.Gray [remove: Torr. & A.Gray ] (Oconee bells) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17269: Shortia galacifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17269>, 'images': ['20210112samsu0046c', '20210112samsu0046cs', '20210121olymp0060s', '20210121olymp0059c', '20210121olymp0059cs', '20210121olymp0058cs', '20210121olymp0057cs', '20210112samsu0044s', '20210112samsu0043sc', '20210112samsu0042cs', '20210112samsu0041cs', '20210112samsu0040cs', '20210112samsu0039cs', '20210418olymp1012cs', '20210418olymp1011cs', '20210418olymp1010', '20210418olymp1013', '20210418olymp1014', '20210418olymp1015', '20210418olymp1016', '20210418olymp1017', '20230621olymp1452', '20210511olymp1607', '20210601olymp3219s'], 'pubimages': ['20210121olymp0060s', '20210121olymp0059c', '20210121olymp0059cs', '20210121olymp0057cs', '20210112samsu0043sc', '20210112samsu0042cs', '20210112samsu0040cs', '20210112samsu0039cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Shortia galacifolia</i> Torr. & A.Gray'}
Ericaceae (Heath Family)
Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Sprengel [remove: (L.) Sprengel ] (bearberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7018: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7018>, 'images': ['20200101olymp0006a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Arctostaphylos uva-ursi</i> (L.) Sprengel'}
Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh [remove: (L.) Pursh ] (striped pipsissewa, spotted wintergreen) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3125: Chimaphila maculata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3125>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1194'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chimaphila maculata</i> (L.) Pursh'}
Chimaphila umbellata ssp. cisatlantica (Blake) Hultén [remove: (Blake) Hultén ] (pipsissewa) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3126: Chimaphila umbellata ssp. cisatlantica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3126>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3226'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chimaphila umbellata</i> ssp. <i>cisatlantica</i> (Blake) Hultén'}
Eubotrys racemosa (L.) Nutt. [remove: (L.) Nutt. ] (swamp sweetbells) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7115: Eubotrys racemosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7115>, 'images': ['20210424olymp1202', '20210424olymp1203', '20210424olymp1204', '20210424olymp1208', '20210424olymp1209', '20210424olymp1210', '20210424olymp1212'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eubotrys racemosa</i> (L.) Nutt.'}
Eubotrys recurva (Buckley) Britton [remove: (Buckley) Britton ] (mountain fetterbush) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17306: Eubotrys recurva>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17306>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1004s', '20210418olymp1003cs', '20210418olymp1002cs', '20210418olymp1001cs', '20210423olymp1133cs', '20210423olymp1132c', '20210423olymp1132s', '20210423olymp1131c', '20210423olymp1131cs', '20210423olymp1130cs', '20210425olymp1241a', '20210425olymp1240a', '20210425olymp1239a', '20210425olymp1238', '20210425olymp1237cs', '20210425olymp1236s', '20210425olymp1235', '20210425olymp1234cs', '20210425olymp1233cs', '20210425olymp1232', '20210425olymp1231', '20210425olymp1230', '20210425olymp1229', '20210425olymp1228cs', '20210425olymp1227', '20201022olymp5160cs', '20201022olymp5159s', '20201022olymp5158s', '20201022olymp5157s', '20200605olymp2304cs', '20200605olymp2304sc', '20200605olymp2303s', '20210424olymp1205cs', '20210424olymp1201cs', '20210424olymp1200cs', '20210601olymp3193s', '20210601olymp3194s', '20210601olymp3195cs', '20210601olymp3199s', '20210601olymp3200cs', '20210601olymp3201cs', '20210601olymp3202cs', '20210601olymp3220cs', '20230621olymp1439cs', '20230621olymp1440cs', '20230824olymp2362', '20230820olymp2254', '20230820olymp2255', '20210511olymp1599', '20210511olymp1600', '20210511olymp1666'], 'pubimages': ['20210418olymp1004s', '20210418olymp1002cs', '20210418olymp1001cs', '20210425olymp1237cs', '20210425olymp1236s', '20210425olymp1234cs', '20210425olymp1233cs', '20210425olymp1228cs', '20201022olymp5160cs', '20201022olymp5159s', '20201022olymp5158s', '20200605olymp2304cs', '20200605olymp2304sc', '20200605olymp2303s', '20210424olymp1205cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Eubotrys recurva</i> (Buckley) Britton'}
Gaylussacia baccata (Wangenh.) K.Koch [remove: (Wangenh.) K.Koch ] (black huckleberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7090: Gaylussacia baccata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7090>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1192'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Gaylussacia baccata</i> (Wangenh.) K.Koch'}
Gaylussacia frondosa (L.) Torr. & A.Gray ex Torr. [remove: (L.) Torr. & A.Gray ex Torr. ] (blue huckleberry, dangleberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7091: Gaylussacia frondosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7091>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3217s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Gaylussacia frondosa</i> (L.) Torr. & A.Gray ex Torr.'}
Hypopitys lanuginosa (Michx.) Nutt. [remove: (Michx.) Nutt. ] (hairy pinesap) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15435: Hypopitys lanuginosa>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15435>, 'images': ['20231102olymp2981s', '20231102olymp2982s', '20231102olymp2983cs', '20231102olymp2984s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hypopitys lanuginosa</i> (Michx.) Nutt.'}
Kalmia angustifolia L. var. angustifolia [remove: L. ] (sheep laurel) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7107: Kalmia angustifolia var. angustifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7107>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1416'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Kalmia angustifolia</i> L. var. <i>angustifolia</i>'}
Kalmia latifolia L. [remove: L. ] (mountain laurel) Likely adventive, though native populations are known from Norfolk [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7108: Kalmia latifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7108>, 'images': ['20210112samsu0054cs', '20210112olymp0034cs', '20210112olymp0029s', '20210112olymp0028cs', '20210112olymp0027cs', '20210112olymp0022cs', '20210112olymp0021s', '20210112olymp0018cs', '20210112olymp0017cs', '20210112olymp0015s', '20210112olymp0014cs', '20210601olymp3204cs', '20210601olymp3205cs', '20200115olymp0051', '20200115olymp0052', '20200115olymp0056s', '20200531olymp2117', '20200612olymp2492', '20230609olymp1200', '20230621olymp1455', '20230621olymp1456', '20230820olymp2251'], 'pubimages': ['20210112samsu0054cs', '20210112olymp0027cs', '20210112olymp0022cs', '20210112olymp0021s', '20210112olymp0018cs', '20210112olymp0015s'], 'notes': (6, 'Likely adventive, though native populations are known from Norfolk County.'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Kalmia latifolia</i> L.'}
Leucothoe fontanesiana (Steudel) Sleumer [remove: (Steudel) Sleumer ] (doghobble, drooping fetterbush) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7166: Leucothoe fontanesiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7166>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2112cs', '20201022olymp5166s', '20210112samsu0053cs', '20210112samsu0051cs', '20210112samsu0050cs', '20210112samsu0047cs', '20210112olymp0031cs', '20210112olymp0030cs', '20210112olymp0020cs', '20210112olymp0019cs', '20210601olymp3190s'], 'pubimages': ['20200531olymp2112cs', '20210112samsu0051cs', '20210112samsu0047cs', '20210112olymp0031cs', '20210112olymp0020cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Leucothoe fontanesiana</i> (Steudel) Sleumer'}
Lyonia ligustrina (L.) DC. var. ligustrina [remove: (L.) DC. ] (maleberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7120: Lyonia ligustrina var. ligustrina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7120>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1647a', '20210511olymp1674', '20210511olymp1675', '20210511olymp1676', '20210511olymp1677'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lyonia ligustrina</i> (L.) DC. var. <i>ligustrina</i>'}
Monotropa uniflora L. [remove: L. ] (Indian pipe) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3135: Monotropa uniflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3135>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3805cs', '20230621olymp1468', '20230621olymp1469'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Monotropa uniflora</i> L.'}
Pieris floribunda (D.Don) Benth. & Hook. [remove: (D.Don) Benth. & Hook. ] (fetterbush, mountain andromeda) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17276: Pieris floribunda>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17276>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2116c', '20210112olymp0033cs', '20210112olymp0032c', '20210121olymp0066cs', '20210121olymp0067cs', '20210121olymp0069cs', '20210121olymp0068cs', '20210312olymp0188cs', '20210312olymp0186cs', '20210312olymp0181sc', '20210312olymp0181cs', '20210312olymp0180a', '20210312olymp0182', '20210312olymp0183', '20210312olymp0184', '20210312olymp0185', '20210312olymp0187', '20210312olymp0189', '20210418olymp1000'], 'pubimages': ['20200531olymp2116c', '20210112olymp0033cs', '20210112olymp0032c', '20210121olymp0066cs', '20210121olymp0067cs', '20210121olymp0069cs', '20210121olymp0068cs', '20210312olymp0188cs', '20210312olymp0186cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pieris floribunda</i> (D.Don) Benth. & Hook.'}
Pieris japonica (Thunb.) D.Don ex G.Don [remove: (Thunb.) D.Don ex G.Don ] (Japanese andromeda) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12472: Pieris japonica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12472>, 'images': ['20210418olymp0985', '20210418olymp0986', '20210418olymp0987', '20210418olymp0988a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pieris japonica</i> (Thunb.) D.Don ex G.Don'}
Pyrola americana Sweet [remove: Sweet ] (round-leaved shinleaf, glossy shinleaf) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3129: Pyrola americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3129>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0042', '20210408olymp0486'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pyrola americana</i> Sweet'}
Rhododendron calendulaceum (Michx.) Torr. [remove: (Michx.) Torr. ] (flame azalea) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15588: Rhododendron calendulaceum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15588>, 'images': ['20200605olymp2332s', '20200605olymp2331s', '20200605olymp2329s', '20200605olymp2320s', '20200605olymp2307s', '20200605olymp2295cs', '20210601olymp3227', '20210601olymp3228', '20210601olymp3229', '20210601olymp3230', '20210601olymp3231', '20210601olymp3232', '20210601olymp3233', '20210601olymp3235', '20210601olymp3236', '20210601olymp3237', '20200605olymp2293', '20200605olymp2294', '20200605olymp2296', '20200605olymp2297', '20200605olymp2298', '20200605olymp2299', '20200605olymp2300', '20200605olymp2301', '20200605olymp2308', '20200605olymp2309', '20200605olymp2310', '20200605olymp2313', '20200605olymp2314', '20200605olymp2315', '20200605olymp2316', '20200605olymp2317', '20200605olymp2318', '20200605olymp2319', '20200605olymp2321', '20200605olymp2328', '20230609olymp1219', '20230609olymp1220'], 'pubimages': ['20200605olymp2332s', '20200605olymp2331s', '20200605olymp2329s', '20200605olymp2320s', '20200605olymp2307s', '20200605olymp2295cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhododendron calendulaceum</i> (Michx.) Torr.'}
Rhododendron catawbiense Michx. [remove: Michx. ] (Catawba rhododendron) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15521: Rhododendron catawbiense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15521>, 'images': ['20210112olymp0009', '20210225olymp0103cs', '20210225olymp0102cs', '20210225olymp0101cs', '20210225olymp0100cs', '20210226olymp0108cs', '20210226olymp0107cs', '20210226olymp0106cs', '20210226olymp0105cs', '20200605olymp2280s', '20200605olymp2279cs', '20200605olymp2278c', '20210226olymp0104sc', '20210624olymp3757s', '20210408olymp0496'], 'pubimages': ['20210225olymp0103cs', '20210225olymp0102cs', '20210225olymp0101cs', '20210225olymp0100cs', '20200605olymp2280s', '20200605olymp2279cs', '20210226olymp0104sc'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhododendron catawbiense</i> Michx.'}
Rhododendron maximum L. [remove: L. ] (great laurel, rosebay) [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13485: Rhododendron maximum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13485>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0099cs', '20210225olymp0098cs', '20210225olymp0097s', '20210226olymp0109cs', '20210119olymp0056cs', '20210119olymp0055cs', '20210112olymp0026cs', '20210112olymp0025cs', '20210112olymp0024s', '20210226olymp0104cs', '20210716olymp4509', '20210716olymp4491s', '20210716olymp4490s', '20210624olymp3756cs', '20210624olymp3755cs', '20210624olymp3754s', '20210624olymp3751cs', '20210624olymp3750cs', '20210624olymp3749cs', '20210624olymp3748cs', '20210624olymp3747cs', '20210624olymp3746cs', '20210624olymp3745cs', '20210624olymp3743s', '20210225olymp0086', '20210225olymp0087', '20210225olymp0088', '20210225olymp0089', '20210225olymp0093', '20210225olymp0094', '20210311olymp0120', '20210311olymp0121', '20210311olymp0122', '20210408olymp0498'], 'pubimages': ['20210225olymp0098cs', '20210225olymp0097s', '20210226olymp0109cs', '20210112olymp0026cs', '20210112olymp0025cs', '20210226olymp0104cs', '20210624olymp3754s', '20210624olymp3750cs', '20210624olymp3748cs'], 'notes': (3, 'Adventive.'), 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhododendron maximum</i> L.'}
Vaccinium angustifolium Ait. [remove: Ait. ] (lowbush blueberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7149: Vaccinium angustifolium>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7149>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1168'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vaccinium angustifolium</i> Ait.'}
Vaccinium corymbosum L. [remove: L. ] (highbush blueberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7150: Vaccinium corymbosum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7150>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1576'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vaccinium corymbosum</i> L.'}
Vaccinium pallidum Ait. [remove: Ait. ] (hillside blueberry, dryland blueberry, early sweet blueberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10123: Vaccinium pallidum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10123>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1169'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vaccinium pallidum</i> Ait.'}
Euphorbiaceae (Spurge Family)
Acalypha rhomboidea Raf. [remove: Raf. ] (broad three-seeded mercury) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13102: Acalypha rhomboidea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13102>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2279', '20230825olymp2387'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acalypha rhomboidea</i> Raf.'}
Fabaceae (Pea Family)
Robinia hispida L. var. hispida [remove: L. ] (bristly locust) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12602: Robinia hispida var. hispida>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12602>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2181', '20200531olymp2182', '20200531olymp2183', '20200531olymp2184', '20200531olymp2185', '20200531olymp2186a', '20200531olymp2187a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Robinia hispida</i> L. var. <i>hispida</i>'}
Robinia pseudoacacia L. [remove: L. ] (black locust) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3437: Robinia pseudoacacia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3437>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3241', '20210601olymp3242', '20210601olymp3243'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Robinia pseudoacacia</i> L.'}
Securigera varia (L.) Lassen [remove: (L.) Lassen ] (purple crownvetch) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12426: Securigera varia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12426>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1369', '20230621olymp1493'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Securigera varia</i> (L.) Lassen'}
Trifolium pratense L. [remove: L. ] (red clover) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12506: Trifolium pratense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12506>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1557', '20230623olymp1558', '20230623olymp1559', '20230623olymp1560', '20230623olymp1561', '20230621olymp1492', '20230825olymp2391'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trifolium pratense</i> L.'}
Trifolium repens L. [remove: L. ] (white clover) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7147: Trifolium repens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7147>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1491'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Trifolium repens</i> L.'}
Wisteria floribunda (Willd.) DC. [remove: (Willd.) DC. ] (Japanese wisteria) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3467: Wisteria floribunda>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3467>, 'images': ['20210225olymp0095', '20210225olymp0096', '20210716olymp4510', '20210716olymp4511', '20210716olymp4512', '20200531olymp2195a', '20200531olymp2196a', '20200531olymp2197a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Wisteria floribunda</i> (Willd.) DC.'}
Fagaceae (Beech Family)
Castanea pumila (L.) P.Miller [remove: (L.) P.Miller ] (dwarf chestnut, chinquapin) photos: [1] [2] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12074: Castanea pumila>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12074>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1471cs', '20230621olymp1471sc'], 'pubimages': ['20230621olymp1471cs', '20230621olymp1471sc'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Castanea pumila</i> (L.) P.Miller'}
Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. [remove: Ehrh. ] (American beech) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2655: Fagus grandifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2655>, 'images': ['20210311olymp0125', '20210311olymp0126', '20230609olymp1178'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fagus grandifolia</i> Ehrh.'}
Fagus sylvatica L. [remove: L. ] (European beech) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10131: Fagus sylvatica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10131>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3213s', '20200531olymp2162', '20201022olymp5199', '20201022olymp5200'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fagus sylvatica</i> L.'}
Quercus alba L. [remove: L. ] (eastern white oak) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2656: Quercus alba>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2656>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0059', '20200115olymp0060', '20200115olymp0061', '20200605olymp2351', '20201022olymp5214', '20201022olymp5215'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus alba</i> L.'}
Quercus coccinea Muenchh. [remove: Muenchh. ] (scarlet oak) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2658: Quercus coccinea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2658>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1146', '20230609olymp1150', '20230609olymp1151'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus coccinea</i> Muenchh.'}
Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh. [remove: Wangenh. ] (scrub oak, bear oak) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2659: Quercus ilicifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2659>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3206cs', '20200531olymp2190', '20200531olymp2191'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus ilicifolia</i> Wangenh.'}
Quercus rubra L. [remove: L. ] (northern red oak) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2667: Quercus rubra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2667>, 'images': ['20200605olymp2352', '20200605olymp2353'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus rubra</i> L.'}
Quercus velutina Lam. [remove: Lam. ] (black oak) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2670: Quercus velutina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2670>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1152'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Quercus velutina</i> Lam.'}
Geraniaceae (Geranium Family)
Geranium carolinianum L. [remove: L. ] (Carolina cranesbill, Carolina geranium) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13231: Geranium carolinianum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13231>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1196'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geranium carolinianum</i> L.'}
Hamamelidaceae (Witch-Hazel Family)
Hamamelis virginiana L. [remove: L. ] (American witch-hazel, common witch-hazel) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2614: Hamamelis virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2614>, 'images': ['20210112olymp0016', '20201022olymp5120', '20201022olymp5121', '20201022olymp5122', '20201022olymp5123', '20201022olymp5124', '20201022olymp5125', '20201022olymp5126', '20201022olymp5127'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Hamamelis virginiana</i> L.'}
Hydrangeaceae (Hydrangea Family)
Deutzia scabra Thunb. [remove: Thunb. ] (fuzzy deutzia) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15702: Deutzia scabra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15702>, 'images': ['20210408olymp0612cs', '20210408olymp0516cs', '20210408olymp0515cs', '20210408olymp0514cs', '20210408olymp0513cs', '20210408olymp0512cs', '20210408olymp0509cs', '20210408olymp0507cs', '20210408olymp0506s', '20210601olymp3337cs', '20210601olymp3338s', '20210601olymp3336cs', '20210601olymp3339cs', '20210601olymp3341cs', '20210601olymp3340cs', '20210624olymp3796cs', '20210624olymp3795cs', '20210624olymp3794cs', '20210624olymp3793cs', '20210624olymp3792cs', '20210624olymp3791s', '20230621olymp1390cs', '20230621olymp1391cs', '20230621olymp1392cs'], 'pubimages': ['20210408olymp0612cs', '20210408olymp0516cs', '20210408olymp0515cs', '20210408olymp0514cs', '20210408olymp0512cs', '20210408olymp0509cs', '20210408olymp0507cs', '20210408olymp0506s', '20210601olymp3337cs', '20210601olymp3338s', '20210601olymp3336cs', '20210601olymp3339cs', '20210601olymp3341cs', '20210601olymp3340cs', '20210624olymp3796cs', '20210624olymp3795cs', '20210624olymp3794cs', '20210624olymp3793cs', '20210624olymp3792cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Deutzia scabra</i> Thunb.'}
Philadelphus inodorus L. [remove: L. ] (scentless mock-orange, Appalachian mock-orange) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13728: Philadelphus inodorus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13728>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1350', '20230621olymp1351cs', '20230621olymp1352s', '20230621olymp1353s'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Philadelphus inodorus</i> L.'}
Juglandaceae (Walnut Family)
Carya glabra (P.Miller) Sweet [remove: (P.Miller) Sweet ] (pignut hickory) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2642: Carya glabra>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2642>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1161', '20230611olymp1232', '20230621olymp1393', '20230621olymp1394', '20230621olymp1395', '20230621olymp1396'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Carya glabra</i> (P.Miller) Sweet'}
Lamiaceae (Mint Family)
Ajuga reptans L. [remove: L. ] (carpet bugleweed, common bugle, blue bugle) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3873: Ajuga reptans>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3873>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1494', '20230623olymp1556cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ajuga reptans</i> L.'}
Leonurus cardiaca L. [remove: L. ] (motherwort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11590: Leonurus cardiaca>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11590>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3797cs', '20230820olymp2273'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Leonurus cardiaca</i> L.'}
Lycopus virginicus L. [remove: L. ] (Virginia water horehound, floodplain water horehound) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3901: Lycopus virginicus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3901>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1477'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lycopus virginicus</i> L.'}
Monarda fistulosa var. mollis (L.) Benth. [remove: (L.) Benth. ] (soft wild bergamot, soft wild beebalm) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13291: Monarda fistulosa ssp. fistulosa var. mollis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13291>, 'images': ['20210716olymp4481a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Monarda fistulosa</i> var. <i>mollis</i> (L.) Benth.'}
Lythraceae (Purple Loosestrife Family)
Decodon verticillatus (L.) Ell. [remove: (L.) Ell. ] (swamp loosestrife, waterwillow) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3486: Decodon verticillatus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3486>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2233', '20230820olymp2234', '20230820olymp2235', '20230820olymp2236', '20230820olymp2237', '20230820olymp2238', '20230820olymp2239', '20230820olymp2240', '20230820olymp2241', '20230820olymp2242', '20230820olymp2243', '20230820olymp2244', '20230820olymp2245', '20230820olymp2246', '20230820olymp2247', '20230820olymp2248', '20230621olymp1465', '20230621olymp1466', '20230621olymp1467'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Decodon verticillatus</i> (L.) Ell.'}
Malvaceae (Mallow Family)
Tilia americana var. americana [remove: L. ] (basswood, American linden) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2905: Tilia americana var. americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2905>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1162'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Tilia americana</i> var. <i>americana</i>'}
Myricaceae (Bayberry Family)
Comptonia peregrina (L.) Coulter [remove: (L.) Coulter ] (sweetfern) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2649: Comptonia peregrina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2649>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1359'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Comptonia peregrina</i> (L.) Coulter'}
Oleaceae (Olive Family)
Forsythia intermedia Zabel [remove: Zabel ] (border forsythia) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13222: Forsythia intermedia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13222>, 'images': ['20210408olymp0489', '20210408olymp0490', '20210408olymp0491', '20210408olymp0492'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Forsythia intermedia</i> Zabel'}
Fraxinus americana L. [remove: L. ] (white ash) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12288: Fraxinus americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12288>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1683'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Fraxinus americana</i> L.'}
Onagraceae (Evening Primrose Family)
Circaea canadensis (L.) Hill ssp. canadensis [remove: (L.) Hill ] (broad-leaved enchanter's nightshade) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10129: Circaea canadensis ssp. canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10129>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2386'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Circaea canadensis</i> (L.) Hill ssp. <i>canadensis</i>'}
Orobanchaceae (Broomrape Family)
Epifagus virginiana (L.) W.P.C.Barton [remove: (L.) W.P.C.Barton ] (beechdrops) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11968: Epifagus virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11968>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2284', '20230820olymp2285'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Epifagus virginiana</i> (L.) W.P.C.Barton'}
Melampyrum lineare Desr. [remove: Desr. ] (cowwheat) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4020: Melampyrum lineare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4020>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1470a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Melampyrum lineare</i> Desr.'}
Oxalidaceae (Woodsorrel Family)
Oxalis stricta L. [remove: L. ] (common yellow woodsorrel) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3631: Oxalis stricta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3631>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1354'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Oxalis stricta</i> L.'}
Papaveraceae (Poppy Family)
Capnoides sempervirens (L.) Borkh. [remove: (L.) Borkh. ] (rock harlequin, pale corydalis, pink corydalis) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12534: Capnoides sempervirens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12534>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1423'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Capnoides sempervirens</i> (L.) Borkh.'}
Chelidonium majus L. [remove: L. ] (greater celandine) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2595: Chelidonium majus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2595>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1165', '20230621olymp1489'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Chelidonium majus</i> L.'}
Phytolaccaceae (Pokeweed Family)
Phytolacca americana L. var. americana [remove: L. ] (American pokeweed, poke sallet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2691: Phytolacca americana var. americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2691>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1159'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Phytolacca americana</i> L. var. <i>americana</i>'}
Plantaginaceae (Plantain Family)
Callitriche heterophylla Pursh var. heterophylla [remove: Pursh ] (greater water starwort, two-headed water starwort, variable water starwort) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12310: Callitriche heterophylla var. heterophylla>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12310>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2299'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Callitriche heterophylla</i> Pursh var. <i>heterophylla</i>'}
Linaria vulgaris P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (yellow toadflax, common Eurasian toadflax, butter-and-eggs) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11818: Linaria vulgaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11818>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1187'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Linaria vulgaris</i> P.Miller'}
Plantago lanceolata L. [remove: L. ] (narrow-leaved plantain, English plantain, ribgrass plantain) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3966: Plantago lanceolata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3966>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1360'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Plantago lanceolata</i> L.'}
Plantago major L. [remove: L. ] (common plantain, white man's foot) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3967: Plantago major>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3967>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2304', '20230820olymp2305', '20230820olymp2306', '20230825olymp2382'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Plantago major</i> L.'}
Plantago rugelii Dcne. [remove: Dcne. ] (American plantain, Rugel's plantain, blackseed plantain) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13329: Plantago rugelii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13329>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1490'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Plantago rugelii</i> Dcne.'}
Veronica officinalis L. [remove: L. ] (common speedwell) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12504: Veronica officinalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12504>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1164'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Veronica officinalis</i> L.'}
Veronica serpyllifolia L. ssp. serpyllifolia [remove: L. ] (thymeleaf speedwell) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13421: Veronica serpyllifolia ssp. serpyllifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13421>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1372cs', '20230621olymp1373cs', '20230623olymp1540cs', '20230623olymp1541cs', '20230623olymp1542cs', '20230623olymp1543cs', '20230623olymp1544cs', '20230623olymp1545cs', '20230623olymp1546cs', '20230623olymp1547cs', '20230623olymp1548cs', '20230623olymp1549cs', '20230623olymp1550cs', '20230623olymp1551cs', '20230623olymp1552cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Veronica serpyllifolia</i> L. ssp. <i>serpyllifolia</i>'}
Polygonaceae (Buckwheat Family)
Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small [remove: (Michx.) Small ] (false waterpepper smartweed, false water pepper, mild water pepper) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12098: Persicaria hydropiperoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12098>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2296'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria hydropiperoides</i> (Michx.) Small'}
Persicaria longiseta (Bruijn) Kitagawa [remove: (Bruijn) Kitagawa ] (Chinese smartweed, Oriental lady's thumb, bristly lady's thumb) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12778: Persicaria longiseta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12778>, 'images': ['20230623olymp1538', '20230623olymp1539', '20230825olymp2390'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Persicaria longiseta</i> (Bruijn) Kitagawa'}
Polygonum articulatum L. [remove: L. ] (coastal jointed knotweed, jointweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11824: Polygonum articulatum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11824>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1424'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polygonum articulatum</i> L.'}
Polygonum aviculare L. [remove: L. ] (common knotweed, dooryard knotweed, doorweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13319: Polygonum aviculare>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13319>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2373a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Polygonum aviculare</i> L.'}
Reynoutria japonica (Houtt.) R.Decr var. japonica [remove: Houtt. ] (Japanese knotweed) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2848: Reynoutria japonica var. japonica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2848>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1378'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Reynoutria japonica</i> (Houtt.) R.Decr var. <i>japonica</i>'}
Rumex obtusifolius L. ssp. obtusifolius [remove: L. ] (redveined dock, bitter dock) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13371: Rumex obtusifolius ssp. obtusifolius>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13371>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1355'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rumex obtusifolius</i> L. ssp. <i>obtusifolius</i>'}
Primulaceae (Primrose Family)
Lysimachia quadrifolia L. [remove: L. ] (whorled loosestrife) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3151: Lysimachia quadrifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3151>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1185'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Lysimachia quadrifolia</i> L.'}
Ranunculaceae (Buttercup Family)
Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia [remove: L. ] (wood windflower) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2539: Anemone quinquefolia var. quinquefolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2539>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1044', '20210418olymp1045', '20210418olymp1046', '20210418olymp1047'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Anemone quinquefolia</i> L. var. <i>quinquefolia</i>'}
Ranunculus repens L. [remove: L. ] (creeping buttercup, creeping crowfoot, spot-leaved crowfoot) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2577: Ranunculus repens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2577>, 'images': ['20200425olymp0427'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ranunculus repens</i> L.'}
Xanthorhiza simplicissima Marsh. [remove: Marsh. ] (shrubby yellowroot) photos: [1] [2] [3] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15771: Xanthorhiza simplicissima>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15771>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5165cs', '20200425olymp0432s', '20200425olymp0431s', '20200531olymp2090s', '20200531olymp2089s', '20210418olymp1020', '20210418olymp1021a', '20210511olymp1606a', '20210511olymp1609a', '20210511olymp1610a', '20210511olymp1611a', '20210511olymp1612a', '20210511olymp1613a', '20210511olymp1614a', '20210511olymp1615a', '20210511olymp1616a', '20210511olymp1617a', '20210511olymp1618a', '20210511olymp1619a', '20210511olymp1620a', '20210511olymp1621a', '20210511olymp1622a', '20210511olymp1623a', '20210511olymp1624a', '20210511olymp1625a', '20210511olymp1626a', '20210511olymp1627a', '20210511olymp1628a', '20210511olymp1629a', '20210511olymp1630a', '20210511olymp1631a', '20210511olymp1632a', '20210511olymp1633a', '20210511olymp1634a', '20210511olymp1635a'], 'pubimages': ['20201022olymp5165cs', '20200531olymp2090s', '20200531olymp2089s'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Xanthorhiza simplicissima</i> Marsh.'}
Rhamnaceae (Buckthorn Family)
Frangula alnus P.Miller [remove: P.Miller ] (glossy buckthorn) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10139: Frangula alnus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10139>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1197', '20230820olymp2194', '20230621olymp1414s', '20230621olymp1415'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Frangula alnus</i> P.Miller'}
Rhamnus cathartica L. [remove: L. ] (European common buckthorn, purging buckthorn) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3575: Rhamnus cathartica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3575>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1181'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rhamnus cathartica</i> L.'}
Rosaceae (Rose Family)
Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medik. [remove: (L.) Medik. ] (thicket shadbush, thicket serviceberry, eastern serviceberry, Canadian serviceberry, shadbush serviceberry, shadblow) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12296: Amelanchier canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12296>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2286', '20230820olymp2287', '20230820olymp2288'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Amelanchier canadensis</i> (L.) Medik.'}
Amelanchier spicata (Lam.) K.Koch [remove: (Lam.) K.Koch ] (dwarf shadbush, running shadbush, running serviceberry, dwarf serviceberry, low serviceberry, low juneberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3224: Amelanchier spicata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3224>, 'images': ['20200605olymp2354a', '20200605olymp2366a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Amelanchier spicata</i> (Lam.) K.Koch'}
Amelanchier ×intermedia Spach (pro sp.) [remove: Spach (pro sp.) ] (intermediate shadbush, intermediate serviceberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15965: Amelanchier ×intermedia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15965>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1672', '20210511olymp1673a', '20210511olymp1680a'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Amelanchier ×intermedia</i> Spach (pro sp.)'}
Geum canadense Jacq. var. canadense [remove: Jacq. ] (white avens) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13232: Geum canadense var. canadense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13232>, 'images': ['20230825olymp2385'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Geum canadense</i> Jacq. var. <i>canadense</i>'}
Malus toringo (Siebold) Siebold ex de Vriese [remove: (Siebold) Siebold ex de Vriese ] (Japanese crabapple, Toringo crab, Siebold's crabapple) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 16290: Malus toringo>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16290>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1483'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Malus toringo</i> (Siebold) Siebold ex de Vriese'}
Potentilla canadensis L. [remove: L. ] (dwarf cinquefoil) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3271: Potentilla canadensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3271>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1179', '20230609olymp1180'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla canadensis</i> L.'}
Potentilla recta L. [remove: L. ] (sulphur cinquefoil, rough-fruited cinquefoil) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3278: Potentilla recta>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3278>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1188'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Potentilla recta</i> L.'}
Prunus serotina Ehrh. var. serotina [remove: Ehrh. ] (black cherry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3297: Prunus serotina var. serotina>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3297>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1157', '20230609olymp1158'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunus serotina</i> Ehrh. var. <i>serotina</i>'}
Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana [remove: L. ] (chokecherry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3300: Prunus virginiana var. virginiana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3300>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1136', '20230609olymp1137'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Prunus virginiana</i> L. var. <i>virginiana</i>'}
Rosa gallica L. [remove: L. ] (French rose) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 16145: Rosa gallica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 16145>, 'images': ['20230824olymp2367', '20230824olymp2368', '20230824olymp2369', '20230824olymp2370', '20230820olymp2196', '20230820olymp2197', '20230820olymp2198'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rosa gallica</i> L.'}
Rosa multiflora Thunb. ex Murray [remove: Thunb. ex Murray ] (multiflora rose, rambler rose) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3311: Rosa multiflora>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3311>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1175'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rosa multiflora</i> Thunb. ex Murray'}
Rosa palustris Marsh. [remove: Marsh. ] (swamp rose) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11906: Rosa palustris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11906>, 'images': ['20201022olymp5177'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rosa palustris</i> Marsh.'}
Rubus allegheniensis Porter [remove: Porter ] (Allegheny blackberry, common blackberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3319: Rubus allegheniensis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3319>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1134', '20230609olymp1135'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus allegheniensis</i> Porter'}
Rubus enslenii Tratt. [remove: Tratt. ] (southern dewberry, Enslen's blackberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 15455: Rubus enslenii>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 15455>, 'images': ['20200602olymp2275', '20200602olymp2276'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus enslenii</i> Tratt.'}
Rubus flagellaris Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (northern dewberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3325: Rubus flagellaris>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3325>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2188a', '20200531olymp2189a', '20230609olymp1171'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus flagellaris</i> Willd.'}
Rubus hispidus L. [remove: L. ] (bristly dewberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3326: Rubus hispidus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3326>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1213'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus hispidus</i> L.'}
Rubus occidentalis L. [remove: L. ] (black raspberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3330: Rubus occidentalis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3330>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1153', '20230609olymp1154'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Rubus occidentalis</i> L.'}
Rubiaceae (Coffee Family)
Galium mollugo L. [remove: L. ] (whorled white bedstraw, field madder) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12864: Galium mollugo>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12864>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2193'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Galium mollugo</i> L.'}
Houstonia caerulea L. [remove: L. ] (little bluet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4127: Houstonia caerulea>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4127>, 'images': ['20200531olymp2192', '20200531olymp2193', '20200531olymp2194'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Houstonia caerulea</i> L.'}
Mitchella repens L. [remove: L. ] (partridgeberry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4130: Mitchella repens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4130>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1041'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Mitchella repens</i> L.'}
Rutaceae (Citrus Family)
Phellodendron amurense Rupr. [remove: Rupr. ] (Amur corktree) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3623: Phellodendron amurense>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3623>, 'images': ['20200115olymp0041', '20200115olymp0043', '20200115olymp0044', '20200115olymp0045', '20230609olymp1189', '20200117olymp0085', '20200117olymp0086', '20200117olymp0087', '20200117olymp0088', '20200117olymp0089', '20200117olymp0090', '20200117olymp0091'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Phellodendron amurense</i> Rupr.'}
Santalaceae ( Family)
Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. ssp. umbellata [remove: (L.) Nutt. ] (bastard toadflax) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3535: Comandra umbellata ssp. umbellata>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3535>, 'images': ['20210601olymp3207s', '20200531olymp2163', '20200531olymp2164'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Comandra umbellata</i> (L.) Nutt. ssp. <i>umbellata</i>'}
Pyrularia pubera Michx. [remove: Michx. ] (Buffalo nut, oil nut) photos: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33] DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17158: Pyrularia pubera>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17158>, 'images': ['20200609olymp2480', '20200609olymp2479', '20200609olymp2478', '20200609olymp2477', '20200609olymp2476s', '20200609olymp2475s', '20200609olymp2474cs', '20200609olymp2473', '20200609olymp2472', '20200609olymp2471', '20200609olymp2470', '20200609olymp2469cs', '20200609olymp2468cs', '20200609olymp2467cs', '20200609olymp2466cs', '20200608olymp2465cs', '20200608olymp2464cs', '20200608olymp2463cs', '20200608olymp2462cs', '20200605olymp2290s', '20200605olymp2289cs', '20200612olymp2509cs', '20200612olymp2508s', '20200612olymp2507s', '20200612olymp2494s', '20200612olymp2493cs', '20201022olymp5186cs', '20201022olymp5185cs', '20201022olymp5184cs', '20201022olymp5183s', '20201022olymp5182cs', '20201022olymp5179', '20201022olymp5175s', '20201022olymp5174cs', '20201022olymp5172cs', '20201022olymp5171cs', '20201022olymp5170cs', '20201022olymp5164cs', '20201022olymp5163cs', '20201022olymp5162cs', '20201022olymp5161cs', '20201022olymp5152cs', '20201022olymp5151cs', '20201022olymp5150s', '20201022olymp5149cs', '20201022olymp5148cs', '20201022olymp5147s', '20201022olymp5146s', '20201022olymp5145s', '20201022olymp5144s', '20201022olymp5143s', '20201022olymp5142cs', '20201022olymp5137cs', '20201022olymp5136cs', '20201022olymp5135s', '20210601olymp3234cs', '20210601olymp3216cs', '20210601olymp3215cs', '20210601olymp3214cs', '20210601olymp3198cs', '20210601olymp3197cs', '20210601olymp3196s', '20210601olymp3192s', '20210601olymp3191cs', '20210601olymp3186cs', '20210716olymp4517cs', '20210716olymp4515cs', '20210716olymp4514cs', '20210716olymp4513cs', '20210716olymp4508cs', '20210716olymp4503cs', '20210716olymp4502cs', '20210716olymp4501cs', '20210716olymp4500cs', '20210716olymp4499cs', '20210716olymp4498cs', '20210716olymp4497cs', '20210716olymp4496', '20210716olymp4495cs', '20210716olymp4495s', '20210716olymp4494cs', '20210716olymp4493cs', '20210716olymp4492sc', '20210716olymp4492s', '20210721olymp4661', '20210721olymp4660', '20210721olymp4659cs', '20210721olymp4658cs', '20210721olymp4657cs', '20210418olymp0992', '20210418olymp0993', '20210418olymp0994', '20210418olymp0995', '20210418olymp0996', '20210418olymp1024', '20210418olymp1025', '20210418olymp1026', '20210424olymp1211', '20210424olymp1221', '20210424olymp1225', '20200531olymp2065a', '20200531olymp2066a', '20200605olymp2355', '20200605olymp2356', '20200605olymp2357', '20200605olymp2359', '20200605olymp2360', '20200605olymp2361', '20200605olymp2362', '20200605olymp2363', '20200605olymp2364', '20200605olymp2365', '20200612olymp2506', '20230609olymp1198', '20230609olymp1199', '20230609olymp1201', '20230609olymp1202', '20230609olymp1203', '20230609olymp1225', '20230621olymp1420s', '20230621olymp1420cs', '20230621olymp1421s', '20230621olymp1425cs', '20230621olymp1426cs', '20230621olymp1427cs', '20230621olymp1428s', '20230820olymp2228', '20230820olymp2229', '20230820olymp2230', '20230820olymp2231', '20230820olymp2232', '20231102olymp2988cs', '20231102olymp2989s'], 'pubimages': ['20200609olymp2476s', '20200609olymp2474cs', '20200609olymp2468cs', '20200609olymp2467cs', '20200608olymp2463cs', '20200605olymp2290s', '20200605olymp2289cs', '20200612olymp2507s', '20200612olymp2493cs', '20201022olymp5184cs', '20201022olymp5182cs', '20201022olymp5174cs', '20201022olymp5172cs', '20201022olymp5164cs', '20201022olymp5161cs', '20201022olymp5152cs', '20201022olymp5151cs', '20201022olymp5149cs', '20201022olymp5146s', '20201022olymp5145s', '20201022olymp5143s', '20201022olymp5135s', '20210716olymp4515cs', '20210716olymp4513cs', '20210716olymp4500cs', '20210716olymp4499cs', '20210716olymp4498cs', '20210716olymp4497cs', '20210716olymp4495cs', '20210716olymp4495s', '20210716olymp4494cs', '20210721olymp4659cs', '20210721olymp4658cs'], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Pyrularia pubera</i> Michx.'}
Sapindaceae (Soapberry Family)
Acer platanoides L. [remove: L. ] (Norway maple) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7002: Acer platanoides>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7002>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1132'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer platanoides</i> L.'}
Acer rubrum L. [remove: L. ] (red maple) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7004: Acer rubrum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7004>, 'images': ['20210418olymp1054a', '20210418olymp1055a', '20230609olymp1138'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer rubrum</i> L.'}
Acer saccharum Marsh. var. saccharum [remove: Marsh. ] (sugar maple) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 7005: Acer saccharum var. saccharum>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 7005>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1166'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Acer saccharum</i> Marsh. var. <i>saccharum</i>'}
Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family)
Verbascum thapsus L. [remove: L. ] (common mullein) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 4048: Verbascum thapsus>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 4048>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1375', '20230621olymp1376'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Verbascum thapsus</i> L.'}
Simaroubaceae (Quassia Family)
Ailanthus altissima (P.Miller) Swingle [remove: (P.Miller) Swingle ] (tree-of-heaven) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3622: Ailanthus altissima>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3622>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1190'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ailanthus altissima</i> (P.Miller) Swingle'}
Solanaceae (Nightshade Family)
Physalis heterophylla Nees var. heterophylla [remove: Nees ] (clammy groundcherry) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 17157: Physalis heterophylla var. heterophylla>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 17157>, 'images': ['20230820olymp2275', '20230820olymp2276', '20230820olymp2277', '20230825olymp2392', '20230825olymp2393', '20230825olymp2394', '20230825olymp2395', '20230825olymp2396'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Physalis heterophylla</i> Nees var. <i>heterophylla</i>'}
Solanum dulcamara var. dulcamara [remove: L. ] (climbing nightshade, bittersweet nightshade, deadly nightshade) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3772: Solanum dulcamara var. dulcamara>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3772>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1488'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Solanum dulcamara</i> var. <i>dulcamara</i>'}
Ulmaceae (Elm Family)
Ulmus americana L. [remove: L. ] (American elm, white elm) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2617: Ulmus americana>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2617>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1349', '20230621olymp1388', '20230621olymp1389'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Ulmus americana</i> L.'}
Urticaceae (Nettle Family)
Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. [remove: (L.) Sw. ] (small-spiked false nettle, bog hemp) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12640: Boehmeria cylindrica>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12640>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3802cs', '20210624olymp3801cs', '20230820olymp2300', '20230621olymp1487cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Boehmeria cylindrica</i> (L.) Sw.'}
Urtica gracilis Aiton [remove: Aiton ] (slender stinging nettle) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 12668: Urtica gracilis>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 12668>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1365cs', '20230621olymp1366cs', '20230621olymp1367cs', '20230621olymp1368cs', '20230621olymp1377s', '20230621olymp1381cs', '20230621olymp1382cs', '20230621olymp1383cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Urtica gracilis</i> Aiton'}
Verbenaceae (Vervain Family)
Verbena urticifolia L. var. urticifolia [remove: L. ] (white vervain) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 11820: Verbena urticifolia var. urticifolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 11820>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1361cs', '20230825olymp2383'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Verbena urticifolia</i> L. var. <i>urticifolia</i>'}
Violaceae (Violet Family)
Viola blanda var. blanda [remove: Willd. ] (sweet white violet, large-leaved white violet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 13425: Viola blanda var. blanda>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 13425>, 'images': ['20200425olymp0425', '20200425olymp0426'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola blanda</i> var. <i>blanda</i>'}
Viola pallens (Banks ex DC.) Brainerd [remove: (Banks ex DC.) Brainerd ] (smooth white violet, northern white violet, small white violet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 2955: Viola pallens>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 2955>, 'images': ['20210511olymp1459', '20210511olymp1460', '20210511olymp1461'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola pallens</i> (Banks ex DC.) Brainerd'}
Viola sororia Willd. [remove: Willd. ] (common blue violet, woolly blue violet) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 10146: Viola sororia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 10146>, 'images': ['20210624olymp3800s', '20210624olymp3799s', '20210624olymp3798cs', '20210624olymp3761cs'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Viola sororia</i> Willd.'}
Vitaceae (Grape Family)
Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planchon [remove: (L.) Planchon ] (Virginia creeper) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3577: Parthenocissus quinquefolia>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3577>, 'images': ['20230621olymp1384'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Parthenocissus quinquefolia</i> (L.) Planchon'}
Vitis aestivalis var. bicolor Deam [remove: Deam ] (silver-leaved summer grape) DEBUG: {'species': <Name: 3580: Vitis aestivalis var. bicolor>, 'meta': <SpeciesMeta: 3580>, 'images': ['20230609olymp1182', '20230609olymp1183', '20230609olymp1184'], 'pubimages': [], 'included': None, 'longname': '<i>Vitis aestivalis</i> var. <i>bicolor</i> Deam'}

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