Anatoly Nikolaevich Zhelochovtsev:

A.N. ZhelochovstevIn July of 2003 we celebrated a centennial anniversary of A. N. Zhelochovtsev. His name is well known among Russian entomologists as well as abroad. Almost sixty years of his life were dedicated to the Zoological Museum of the Moscow State University. He first opened the Museum's door as a sixteen-year-old youth in 1919 and remained faithful to it until his death in 1976. His main interest lay in the sawfly taxonomy, especially Dolerini, which was his favorite group since student years at the Moscow University. His diploma thesis was a study of the ovipositor structure in Dolerini sawflies.

While being a keen researcher of Symphyta during all of his life, A. N. Zhelochovtsev embraced vast knowledge on many insect groups and was able to consult on virtually any question related to entomology. Although the list of his publications is not long (he published only about 40 articles and described some 90 new species), he greatly influenced entomological science as a devoted collector, skillful keeper of Museum collections, and generous supporter of scores of insect students.

Zhelochovtsev was an avid traveler: during numerous trips he covered the entire USSR territory from Kola Peninsula to the Pamir Mountains and from the Carpathians to the Far East. He collected about 100 thousand insects, and the quality standard of his collections was always very high. Nearly all of the types of species described by Zhelochovtsev are deposited at the Zoological Museum of Moscow University.

Here we provide a list of taxa described by A.N. Zhelochovtsev and a list of his publications.


22 September 2004

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