The Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: Illustrated County Checklist
Updated Taxonomy and Distribution (Work in Progress)

This checklist mostly corresponds to The Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist. First Revision (2011), here called "MA County Checklist 2011," though with some newly added taxa and nomenclature updated whenever necessary. This public web version of the Checklist is cached; editing is not possible. Online users may suggest corrections and changes by writing to webmaster at

Standard View (no filter other than standard constraints applied)
Number of taxa: 3,532.

Available Filtered Views
1. Current. Non-native taxa flagged 'No Current Records' are filtered out. (Records not older than 1980 have been counted current.)
2. Minimal. Non-native taxa flagged 'No Current Records' and additionally all those taxa flagged 'Waif' are excluded.

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Taxon Record Structure
Line 1. Two-letter abbreviations of Massachusetts county names. Hovering the cursor over each abbreviation produces the full name of the county.
Line 2. Previously existing records for the taxon across the state territory as shown in The Vascular Plants of Massachusetts: A County Checklist. First Revision (2011). Status in Massachusetts is also shown for each taxon opposite this line. In most cases there is no change in status from what was assigned back in 2011, unless changes have been made later on. The standard categories are Native, Introduced, and Waif. Additional status category introduced in this edition No Current Records is used for those non-native species (waifs) that have not been found after 1980.
Line 3. Added/deleted county records—currently drawn from mostly three sources: Consortium of Northeastern Herbaria (CNH) Portal records, the Vascular Flora of Worcester County, Massachusetts (2012), and the Vascular Flora of Franklin County, Massachusetts (2020). This line also shows exclusions of previously listed taxa (marked 'del' on black background), data for exclusions drawn from the sources listed here above.
New county records represented by Salicicola photo records and currently not supported by submitted herbarium specimens are not shown in the public view.

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Lycophytes — Clubmosses, Quillworts, Spikemosses (38 species, 208 images)

Isoetaceae — Quillwort Family
Isoetes — 11 taxa [expand/collapse]
Lycopodiaceae — Clubmoss Family
Dendrolycopodium — 5 taxa [expand/collapse]
Diphasiastrum — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]
Huperzia — 5 taxa [expand/collapse]
Lycopodiella — 6 taxa [expand/collapse]
Lycopodium — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]
Pseudolycopodiella — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Spinulum — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Selaginellaceae — Spikemoss Family
Selaginella — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]

Monilophytes — Ferns and Horsetails (90 species, 1,146 images) *

Aspleniaceae — Spleenwort Family
Asplenium — 7 taxa [expand/collapse]
Azollaceae — Mosquito Fern Family
Azolla — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Blechnaceae — Chain Fern Family
Woodwardia — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Dennstaedtiaceae — Hayscented Fern Family
Dennstaedtia — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Pteridium — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Dryopteridaceae — Wood Fern Family
Dryopteris — 19 taxa [expand/collapse]
Polystichum — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]
Equisetaceae — Horsetail Family
Equisetum — 11 taxa [expand/collapse]
Hymenophyllaceae — Filmy Fern Family
Crepidomanes — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Marsileaceae — Waterclover Family
Marsilea — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Onocleaceae — Sensitive Fern Family
Matteuccia — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Onoclea — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Ophioglossaceae — Adder's Tongue Family
Botrychium — 5 taxa [expand/collapse]
Botrypus — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Ophioglossum — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Sceptridium — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]
Osmundaceae — Flowering Fern Family
Osmunda — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Osmundastrum — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Polypodiaceae — Polypody Family
Polypodium — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]
Pteridaceae — Maidenhair Fern Family
Adiantum — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Cryptogramma — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Pellaea — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Salviniaceae — Salvinia Family
Salvinia — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Schizaeaceae — Curlygrass Fern Family
Lygodium — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Thelypteridaceae — Marsh Fern Family
Parathelypteris — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Phegopteris — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Thelypteris — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Woodsiaceae — Woodsia Family
Anisocampium — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Athyrium — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Cystopteris — 4 taxa [expand/collapse]
Deparia — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Diplazium — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Gymnocarpium — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Woodsia — 3 taxa [expand/collapse]

Gymnosperms — Conifers (29 species, 956 images)

Cupressaceae — Cypress Family
Chamaecyparis — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Juniperus — 4 taxa [expand/collapse]
Thuja — 1 taxon [expand/collapse]
Pinaceae — Pine Family
Abies — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Larix — 2 taxa [expand/collapse]
Picea — 5 taxa [expand/collapse]
Pinus — 8 taxa [expand/collapse]